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From: (Kimmo Suominen)
Newsgroups: comp.archives
Subject: [] LUT.FI FTP Service Temporarily Disabled
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Date: 1 Mar 90 20:18:39 GMT
Reply-To: (Kimmo Suominen)
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Approved: (Edward Vielmetti)
Posted: Thu Mar  1 21:18:39 1990

Original-posting-by: (Kimmo Suominen)
Original-subject: LUT.FI FTP Service Temporarily Disabled
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Reposted-by: (Edward Vielmetti)

FTP service on LUT.FI has  been temporarily disabled  from  Feb 28 1990  on.
The reason behind this  is, that our  normal night time maintenance routines
refused from running because of exhausted system resources.

We  used to have   about  30 FTP  connections all   the time FTP service was
enabled.  Last week the number of connections began increasing and this week
it was up to 60 connections.  This was too much!  Because  the ftp server on
LUT.FI didn't keep  track  on the total count  of anonymous users connected,
there was no way of informing the new connections of this.

The link from Lappeenranta to Helsinki is 64  kB/sec  and  from there to the
United States only 56 kB/sec.  On a good day you might get 5-6 kB through to
Helsinki  per second,  if  there is  no other   file transfer  traffic  from
Lappeenranta.  When there are 60 file downloaders on that same line, you can
imagine the resulting speed.  You should  also keep in  mind, that the whole
of Scandinavia is using the same  56 kB/sec  line, so that will increase the
traffic even  more (e.g.  60  connections to  LUT.FI  and  32 connections to
FUNIC.FUNET.FI means 92 connections over the very same line).

I will re-enable the service on LUT.FI when I get a new  server running.  It
will take me some time to  port the parts needed  from a BSD based server to
fit in the local HP-UX System V environment - I would say from two  weeks to
a month.

The  new server will have  at least some  of the  advanced  features  of the
server on FUNIC.FUNET.FI  added by Matti  Aarnio <>.   It will
also allow only 16 anonymous connections  and it will  still  have  the same
time limitations as the previous server.  I will  however implement the time
limitations  in the server   itself, so  there   should be no  more  refused
connections, but instead an informative message asking to try again later.

Kimmo Suominen
System Administrator

P.S.  I'm not  reading so  any followup  there won't reach me.
      If you need to reach me, send e-mail to one of the addresses below.
( Kimmo Suominen        ! Lappeenranta U of Technology ! )
( "That's what I think" ! Computing Centre  *  Finland ! Funet: KUULA::KIM )

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