Digital's Ultrix Products to be Based on OSF/1

MAYNARD, MASSACHUSETTS, 9 APRIL 1990 -- Digital Equipment Corporation today announced that the next major release of its ULTRIX software -- Digital's implementation of the UNIX operating system -- will be based on the Open Software Foundation's OSF/1 operating system. Digital just announced ULTRIX Version 4.0 on 3 April 1990; the next version is targeted for 1991.

Digital has already adopted OSF's Motif graphical user interface as a strategic component of Digital's workstation family. Motif
and the early releases of OSF/1 have clearly demonstrated to Digital the strength of OSF's technology and their ability to deliver products on schedule. As further evidence of its continuing commitment to the Open Software Foundation, Digital also announced that it is providing additional funding for OSF.

According to Jack Smith, senior vice president of operations, "Announcement of Digital's strong, continuing commitment to OSF should be no surprise. Digital has moved aggressively to support and implement OSF's breakthrough technology on Digital platforms, and we will move the ULTRIX environment to an OSF/1 base.

"Our users can be assured of a smooth, seamless path between ULTRIX and OSF/1, which provides the best technology for delivering open system capabilities. These capabilities include the important industry standards such as POSIX, X/Open, and Motif; as well as Xenix, Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), and System V interfaces. Additionally, Digital plans to incorporate its OSF/1-based products into its Network Application Support architecture."

Referring to the recently terminated merger discussions between OSF, AT&T, and UNIX International, Smith commented, "We are very disappointed in the failure of this industry unity initiative, but it is our firm conviction that future implementations of UNIX operating systems must be developed using a truly open process."

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Note to Editors:

ULTRIX is a trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation. OSF, OSF/1, and Motif are trademarks of the Open Software Foundation.

UNIX is a registered trademark of American Telephone and Telegraph.

X/Open is a trademark of X/Open Company, Ltd.

Xenix is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.