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From: Henry Mensch <henry@MIT.EDU>
Reply-To: Henry Mensch <henry@MIT.EDU>
Date: Mon, 28 May 90 22:00:47 EDT

this article describes how to get the first Athena software
distribution on tape for those users who are unable to retrieve 
it with anonymous FTP.  


The Project Athena network services are:

	Kerberos, the authentication service

	Hesiod, the naming service

	Zephyr, the notification service

	Moira, the services management service

All the software shown above is available now by using anonymous FTP
to the host ATHENA-DIST.MIT.EDU (ip#; cd to the "pub"
directory and look there for subdirectories named after the particular
software components.  When retrieving Kerberos, get the file
pub/kerberos/README before attempting to retrieve the software;
special instructions are required to retrieve the Kerberos software

ATHENA-DIST.MIT.EDU is the only software repository which is guaranteed
to have the latest version of the Athena Network Services; other
systems on the Internet may have older copies available.  If being
current is important for your work, then you should get your software
this way.

This software (along with selected applications in daily use at Project
Athena) is also available on magnetic media (both QIC-24 and 9-track
tape formats) in UNIX 'tar' format for those users who are not able to
copy the software via anonymous FTP.  Either tape format is available
for US$300 for North American shipment and US$400 elsewhere.  If your
tape is to be shipped to an address outside the United States of
America then your tape will have "Bones" ... a Kerberos-like system
with the DES calls removed.  Bones is not useful for authentication as
supplied; you will have to add the DES calls to the Bones code we

To order tapes, send a check drawn on a U.S.  bank payable to
"Massachusetts Institute of Technology" along with a letter providing a
shipping address to:

   MIT Software Center
   Building E32-300
   28 Carleton Street
   Cambridge, MA  02139
   Telephone: +1 617 253 6966

The MIT Software Center cannot accept purchase orders as payment.  The
MIT Software Center cannot accept the terms and conditions upon the
reverse side of purchase orders.  Please send only a check and a
letter if you must order a tape.


Questions about Project Athena can be directed by electronic mail on
the Internet to the address <info-athena@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>.  By postal
mail, we can be reached at the following address:

	Information Officer
	MIT Project Athena
	E40-300 MIT
	One Amherst Street


If you require more information, feel free to contact us.

			-- Project Athena
			   External Relations Group

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