AT&T's WorkGroup System computers get X/Open approval

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- JUNE 5, 1990 -- AT&T Computer Systems today announced that it has received the X/Open XPG3 brand for UNIX(R) System V Release 4 on its WorkGroup System (WGS) family of systems. The XPG3 brand ensures compatibility with other X/Open "branded" computer hardware and software. The company also said it intends to brand its complete line of networked computers.

"AT&T Computer Systems believes that customers are best served by computer systems providers who are fundamentally committed to open systems as defined by standards," said Scott Perry, vice president of marketing and support. "We are pleased to demonstrate that commitment by the compliance of our Intel-based 6386 WorkGroup Systems and i486-based StarServer(TM) E computer systems to the X/Open Portability Guide specifications.

"The unveiling of the first XPG3-branded products demonstrates a strong commitment by AT&T Computer Systems and others in the industry to give users what they're demanding -- products that conform to international and de facto industry standards," Perry said. "This is great news for computer users."

The X/Open verification and branding program provides computer and application software vendors with a means of assuring users that products claiming X/Open compliance meet the specifications outlined in the X/Open Portability Guide. Applications written in compliance with the X/Open specifications will be portable to computers that have passed X/Open's verification suites.

In emphasizing AT&T's commitment to open systems, Perry noted that AT&T's UNIX Software Operation has announced that UNIX System V Release 4 source code also has been certified by X/Open for conformance to XPG3.

"We believe that international standards are critical to the growth of the computer industry, and X/Open plays an important role in defining those standards," Perry said. "That's why we advocate X/Open's XPG3 branding as a way of demonstrating conformance to open systems standards."

StarServer is a trademark of AT&T UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T

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