UNIX System V Release 4 gets official X/Open approval

MORRISTOWN, N.J. -- JUNE 5, 1990 -- AT&T's UNIX(R) System V Release 4 operating system today received the X/Open brand, signifying that this latest version of the UNIX system meets X/Open's standards for applications portability.

"We're delighted that UNIX System V Release 4 has been certified compliant with X/Open's XPG3 standard," said Mike DeFazio, vice president, UNIX System V Software at the UNIX Software Operation.

"We owe certification in large part to the UNIX International consortium, which insisted that we build XPG3 compliance into Release 4. The X/Open brand is formal acknowledgement that we did what we said we would and evidence of the role UNIX International plays in guiding the evolution of UNIX System V. You can be sure UNIX System V will continue to comply with X/Open standards as they emerge."

The brand means that SVR4 source code has passed VSX verification suites and has been certified by X/Open for conformance to XPG3. As a result, SVR4 source code is entitled to bear the X/Open brand.

"We designed our source code licensing terms to encourage vendors to ship X/Open compliant products," DeFazio said. "We hope our customers will seek the X/Open brand for their binary UNIX System products. We believe the X/Open brand will increasingly be perceived by end users as a sign of quality and standards compliance."

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