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Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!uunet!samsung!!decwrl!!!hall
From: (Jon "Maddog" Hall)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.ultrix
Subject: ISO9660 or High Sierra?
Keywords: CDROM ISO9660
Message-ID: <>
Date: 18 Jun 90 05:01:20 GMT
Sender: (News)
Reply-To: (Jon "Maddog" Hall)
Organization: DEC Western Software Laboratory
Lines: 31
Posted: Mon Jun 18 06:01:20 1990

I am interested in finding out what product requirements people have for
CDROM support
in ULTRIX, particularly if they are interested in having the "High
Sierra" format supported,
or the newer ISO9660 format, or both.

For those of you who are not familiar with this concept, supporting such
a filesystem
would allow you to open a file on the CDROM and read it, no matter if it
was created
on MSDOS or some other system.  Thus you could have an encyclopedia
online, or other

I would also appreciate having people send me (direct mail is fine) the
name and address
of their favorite supplier of CDROM information, that I might call them
or send mail
and ask about which format they supply.  I already know about the
Smithsonian and
Young Minds, but I would be interested in any more.  Please use the
subject title:

	ISO9660 or bust!

so I can filter it properly.



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