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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 90 17:03:39 EDT
Cc: managers@ATHENA.MIT.EDU

  Telephone Log - 20 Jun 1990

  David Kipping
  Distributed Computing Technology
  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  2550 Garcia Avenue
  Mountain View, Calif. 94043

  The Distributed Computing Working Group, Unix International,
  will ``highly recommend'' Kerberos to the UI Steering
  Committee on or about 18 July.  That Committee will approve
  and pass it along to AT&T Unix Software Organization (USO).
  Code in the field would be about a year away.

  At issue will still be such items as exactly what it means
  to add Kerberos to SVR4, what are the implications to their
  RPC, and what will they do about the /usr/ucb/r* command

       The trip to New Jersey 12 June 90 has paid off.


			   USENET Archives


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