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From: bos...@OKEEFFE.BERKELEY.EDU (Keith Bostic)
Newsgroups: comp.bugs.4bsd.ucb-fixes
Subject: V1.91 (4.3BSD-Reno contributors)
Message-ID: <9007060810.AA05021@okeeffe.Berkeley.EDU>
Date: 6 Jul 90 08:10:32 GMT
Sender: use...@ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU
Organization: University of California at Berkeley
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Posted: Fri Jul  6 09:10:32 1990

Subject: 4.3BSD-Reno contributors

	Much of the software in the Berkeley Software Distribution is
contributed by people and organizations in the user community.  We
gratefully acknowledge these contributions; without their support this
distribution would not be possible.

	As part of the 4.3BSD-Reno distribution, we have continued to
identify portions of the distribution which are freely redistributable
to and by anyone, except as restricted by law.  (As a note to anyone
interested in international redistribution, we have recently obtained
a General License GTDA from the Commerce Department covering the BSD
Networking Release #1.) Source code with the following copyright
notice may be freely redistributed, under the specified conditions,
without further license.
    Redistribution and use in source and binary forms are permitted
    provided that: (1) source distributions retain this entire copyright
    notice and comment, and (2) distributions including binaries display
    the following acknowledgement:  ``This product includes software
    developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its
    contributors'' in the documentation or other materials provided with
    the distribution and in all advertising materials mentioning
    features or use of this software.  Neither the name of the University
    nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote
    products derived from this software without specific prior written


	The following list are people and organizations that have contributed
source code that will be part of the 4.4BSD release.  The first group provided
large subsystems, the second, a specific program or library routine.  Please
report any errors or omissions to ``''.  Also, if
you're interested in contributing software, please contact the CSRG at this

HP300 support			Systems Programming Group of the University of
				Utah Computer Science Department.
386 support			William Jolitz
CCI 6/32 support		Computer Consoles Inc.
VAX device support		Digital Equipment Corp.
VAX BI support			Chris Torek
Stdio				Chris Torek
ANSI C library support		Chris Torek
Compiler support		The Free Software Foundation
NFS support			Rick Macklem
RPC support			Sun Microsystems Inc.
NFS automounter			Jan Pendry
Autoconfiguration		Robert Elz
Quota support			Robert Elz
Job control			Jim Kulp
Network device drivers		Micom-Interlan, Excelan
X11				Project Athena, MIT
Transport/Network OSI layers	IBM Corp., and the University of Wisconsin
VAX 3000 support		Mt. Xinu
C library documentation		American National Standards Committee X3
System documentation		IEEE (POSIX)

cal(1)				Kim Letkeman
cat(1)				Kevin Fall
col(1)				Michael Rendell
comm(1)				Case Larsen
compress(1)			James A. Woods, Spencer Thomas and Joseph Orost
cp(1)				David Hitz
cut(1)				Adam S. Moskowitz and Marciano Pitargue
des(1)				Phil Karn, Jim Gillogly and Richard Outerbridge
du(1)				Chris Newcomb
emacs(1)			Richard Stallman
find(1)				Cimarron Taylor
finger(1)			Tony Nardo
fold(1)				Kevin Ruddy
fpr(1)				Robert Corbett
fsplit(1)			Jerry Berkman and Asa Romberger
gprof(1)			Peter Kessler
indent(1)			David Willcox, Eric Schmidt, James Gosling and Sun Microsystems
jove(1)				Jonathon Payne
lex(1)				Vern Paxson
locate(1)			James A. Woods
ls(1)				Michael Fischbein
m4(1)				Ozan Yigit
mail(1)				Kurt Schoens
make(1)				Adam de Boor
mh(1)				Rand Corporation
mv(1)				Ken Smith
news(1)				Rick Adams (and a cast of thousands)
nm(1)				Hans Huebner
paste(1)			Adam S. Moskowitz
patch(1)			Larry Wall
rcs(1)				Walter F. Tichy
tn3270(1)			Gregory Minshall
tsort(1)			Michael Rendell
unifdef(1)			Dave Yost
uniq(1)				Case Larsen
uuq(1)				Lou Salkind and Rick Adams
who(1)				Michael Fischbein
window(1)			Edward Wang
write(1)			Craig Leres and Jef Poskanzer
xargs(1)			John B. Roll Jr.
yacc(1)				Robert Paul Corbett

bitstring(3)			Paul Vixie
ctime(3) (timezone support)	Arthur David Olson
fnmatch(3)			Guido van Rossum
glob(3)				Guido van Rossum
lsearch(3)			Roger L. Snyder
nsaddr(3)			J.Q. Johnson

arithmetic(6)			Eamonn McManus
atc(6)				Ed James
bcd(6)				Steve Hayman
caesar(6)			Rick Adams
ching(6)			Guy Harris
factor(6)			Landon Curt Noll
fortune(6)			Ken Arnold
hack(6)				Andries Brouwer (and a cast of thousands)
phantasia(6)			Edward Estes
primes(6)			Landon Curt Noll
rogue(6)			Timothy C. Stoehr
wump(6)				Dave Taylor

arp(8)				Sun Microsystems Inc.
clri(8)				Rich $alz
disklabel(8)			Symmetric Computer Systems
mknod(8)			Kevin Fall
ping(8)				Mike Muuss
sendmail(8)			Eric Allman
slip(8)				Rick Adams
traceroute(8)			Van Jacobson
uucpd(8)			Rick Adams
uusnap(8)			Randy King and Rick Adams

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