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Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!uunet!samsung!!!milton!unicorn!n8443916
From: n8443...@unicorn.WWU.EDU (John Gossman)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.ultrix
Subject: MOTIF
Message-ID: <1431@unicorn.WWU.EDU>
Date: 26 Aug 90 21:47:55 GMT
Reply-To: n8443...@unicorn.WWU.EDU (John Gossman)
Organization: Western Washington Univ, Bellingham, WA
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Posted: Sun Aug 26 22:47:55 1990

	I am soliciting facts and opinions about the status of
MOTIF on Ultrix.  DEC has publicly announced support of MOTIF and
even that it will replace/integrate DECWindows with MOTIF.  DECWins
shows considerable thought and investment on DEC's part.  Are they
going to "junk" it for the apparently market required MOTIF?  Is MOTIF
even binary license available on the RISC line of workstations?

	Anyone is welcome to reply, publicly or privately.  I would
appreciate input from DEC reps, engineers, end-users, OSF reps, OSF
bashers--facts or opinions.

--John Gossman
SoftSource Inc.

/ My company stands behind my opinions, but only in private /

Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!uunet!decwrl!!decuac!
From: avo...@decuac.DEC.COM (Frederick M. Avolio)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.ultrix
Subject: Re: MOTIF
Message-ID: <1990Aug27.101958@decuac.DEC.COM>
Date: 27 Aug 90 14:19:58 GMT
References: <> <1431@unicorn.WWU.EDU>
Sender: n...@decuac.DEC.COM
Reply-To: avo...@decuac.DEC.COM (Frederick M. Avolio)
Organization: Digital Equipment Corp., Washington ULTRIX Resource Center
Lines: 16
Posted: Mon Aug 27 15:19:58 1990

OSF/Motif is available NOW from Digital on ULTRIX and VMS.  Digital
will (is doing it now) migrate all DECwindows-based out-of-the-box
applications to a Motif look and feel.  Motif and the mwm will be
the standard, supported, user and application program interface on
our platforms.  Motif from Digital today comes with tools to help migrate
source code from DECwindows to Motif.

Digital is not tossing out DECwindows, merely modifying it.  You may recall
that a large percentage of Motif is based on DECwindows technology (the
application program interface and the user interface language, for example).

I am not a Product Manager or a Project Manager for this, but I suspect
that you will hear from one such person soon (hint, hint, hello
Palo Alto.... :-) ).


Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!uunet!aplcen!!!wuarchive!udel!haven!decuac!!
From: (Jon "Maddog" Hall)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.ultrix
Subject: Re: MOTIF
Message-ID: <>
Date: 27 Aug 90 16:32:02 GMT
References: <1431@unicorn.WWU.EDU>
Sender: (News)
Reply-To: (Jon "Maddog" Hall)
Organization: DEC Western Software Laboratory
Lines: 38
Posted: Mon Aug 27 17:32:02 1990

Motif V1.0 is shipping as a separate distribution kit from the ULTRIX
We fully intend on replacing the XUI interface with the Motif interface
in an upcoming

As you probably know, the intrinsics for the Motif Toolkit are being
changed in the
Motif V1.1 release to make them compatible with the R4 intrinsics from
MIT, so there will
be one set of intrinsics again.  Digital decided to wait until this was
done before
integrating Motif with the standard distribution.

If developers wish to develop an application using Motif V1.0 (with the
realization that
they may have to change their code in the future if they program to the
intrinsic level), then
they can order the following distribution kits:


	DECwindows Developer Kit on ULTRIX for OSF/Motif (RISC)   QA-YMBAA-H5


	DECwindows Developer Kit on ULTRIX for OSF/Motif (VAX)    QA-YMCAA-H5

You may install this kit on any UWS system or UWS Server you have, since
the royalty to OSF
has been paid for every UWS system and the license retrofitted to every
UWS system.
The software has been tested against UWS V2.2 and UWS V4.0.

Jon "maddog" Hall
Product Manager
ULTRIX Worksystems

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