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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 90 17:20:24 -0400
From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>

0. all krb5dev activity is recorded in the krb5dev discuss meeting.  You are
all expected to read it regularly.

0a.  /mit/krb5/doc/alpha/ has some notes for alpha test sites which
you should read; this includes a whirlwind tour of the source tree

1. discussion of time available to work on Kerberos work:
	Don		20-30h/wk
	John Carr	10h/wk
	Ken		8-10h/wk
	Ted		1/2 time once employment straightened out
	Jon		?
	Barry		?
	John Kohl	20h/wk

2. discussion of items needing work, and who volunteers/is volunteered
to do them:

	all:	clean up any XXX in code (by fixing code, not by deleting
	don:	kdc v4 compat; kdc vs. replay cache/UDP issues
	tytso:	slave server & propagation
	bcn:	multi-thread warnings/improved pseudo code.
	jtkohl:	multi-homed hosts; forged authenticators
	raeburn: STDIO-based ccache; thread-safe rcache
	jfc:	user2user api proposal
	jon:	study admin program/server needs; recommend

3. other items:

can we eventually create a v4 interface to v5 code, so that clients just
re-link? (on the back burner for now...v4 at KDC is current
high-priority conversion path)

Barry suggests 'unbundling' ss/et/imake/etc so that they can be
picked up separately, so other sites only need one copy.

discussion of conversion of existing admin_server tools (may or
may not be worthwhile); whether anything other than a kdb_init &
admin_server are needed.

set-up of a test krb5 kdc

4.  action items:

* all:  work on code; should be both ANSI and common-C compilable

* jfc/bjaspan: come back with user2user api proposal

* jtkohl: find a place to set up a test krb5 kdc

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