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From: Henry Mensch <henry@MIT.EDU>
To: hesiod@ATHENA.MIT.EDU, zephyr@ATHENA.MIT.EDU, kerberos@ATHENA.MIT.EDU,
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 90 14:29:48 EDT

We are thinking about hosting a two-day users group meeting which would be of
interest to those currently using the Project Athena Network services, or to
those who are considering the move to a workstation environment.

Discussions would mostly be birds-of-a-feather type sessions for each of the
network services, with other sessions discussing the practices and procedures
which help us (and, ultimately, you) run a large heterogenous workstation

The proposed time frame would be sometime during March or April of 1991, and it
would all happen here at the Institute.  There would be a modest fee to cover
our costs.

I write now to solicit expressions of interest in such an event: would you
attend?  what would you like to see offered?   Replies directly to me
<henry@MIT.EDU> are welcomed.  

-- Henry Mensch / <henry@MIT.EDU>
-- Project Athena External Relations