NeXT announces four new 68040 products

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September 18, 1990

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NeXT Computer Inc., of Redwood City, Tuesday announced a family of new computer products, as well as Release 2.0 of its system software.

Specifically, the company introduced four products based on Motorola's 68040 microprocessor: NeXTstation, a more powerful and compact NeXT computer that costs less than $5,000; NeXTstation Color, a 16-bit, PostScript color version of NeXTstation; NeXTcube, an expandable NeXT computer with extremely flexible configuration options that can be used as a network server or high-end desktop computer; and NeXTdimension, a high-end, 32-bit PostScript color solution.

In separate announcements, a number of third-party developers introduced new software applications and peripheral products for the NeXT platform.

All the products feature the characteristics that define all NeXT computers, including Release 2.0 of the NeXTstep graphical user interface and development environment, UNIX-based operating system, NeXT's multimedia electronic mail system, digital signal processing chip, Display PostScript, an internal 2.88 MB floppy disk drive and 105 MB hard disk drive, built-in Ethernet and TCP/IP networking, and MegaPixel Display (color or monochrome).

Release 2.0 of the system software has added support for software fax, color, DOS floppy disk, international versions, the 68040 microprocessor and twisted pair Ethernet. Applications written for Release 1.0 run unmodified on Release 2.0, only faster. Price and Availability

The following chart lists the suggested retail prices and expected availability of the four new NeXT products, in their base configurations: NeXTstation system $4,995 November 1990 NeXTcube system $7,995 November 1990 NeXTstation Color system $7,995 Q1 1991 NeXTdimension board $3,995 Q1 1991

All NeXT products are available directly from NeXT or through Businessland in North America. Availability of the new products in the United Kingdom through Businessland UK and in Asia through Canon Inc. will closely follow the U.S. ship dates. NeXT products are also available through selected government and vertical-application VARs (value-added resellers); contact NeXT for specific information.

Higher education and developer customers can continue to purchase NeXT computers directly from NeXT or through higher education resellers at reduced prices; contact NeXT for specific information.

NeXT Computer creates, manufactures and sells innovative and affordable ``interpersonal'' computer systems designed to support the new ways people are working together.

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