September 18, 1990

Two years ago, we introduced the original NeXT™ Computer—a revolutionary combination of power and ease of use. We thank you for being our first customers.

We have had the chance to talk to many of you. We've asked what we could do better. And we've listened.

Today, we unveiled four new NeXT products—products your feedback helped us shape. Products we think you'll love:

We also demonstrated NeXTstep 2.0—an even more responsive, more intuitive version of our system software that has many new features, such as fax capabilities. Many of our partners participated in our intro, demonstrating new applications such as WordPerfect®, Adobe Illustrator™, Ashton-Tate PowerStep™, and Lotus Improv™.

I am excited to share these advancements with you and to tell you about some of the ways you can upgrade your NeXT Computer to take advantage of our latest technology. In this folder, you'll find a brochure and datasheet that describe our new products. You'll also find information about our upgrade program.

Lotus will send a free copy of their revolutionary spreadsheet Improv to anyone who purchases an upgrade for their NeXT Computer.

Thank you for joining us early on in our journey. The best is yet to come.

Best regards,

Steve Jobs

P.S. We'd like to send you our Fall Software and Peripherals catalog, so please call us1-800-848-NeXT. If you'd like a complimentary copy of NeXTWorld™ magazine, please fill out the card provided.