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Date: Thu, 20 Sep 90 14:59:49 -0400
From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>

Present: (jfc) don jon tytso jtkohl swick pjb
Absent: raeburn

0) next status update 4-4:30 on 26 Sep 1990 in E40-316

1) status updates:
	jfc:		nothing to report
	jtkohl:		assembled alpha release
			integrated Kerberos into latest bsd telnet
	don:		v4 compat code in KDC nearly done coding
			testing still to be done
	tytso:		starting work on kprop/propd; converting V4 code.
			probably prototype working next week.
	jon:		looking at admin tools; no results yet.
	pjb:		getting started; will work on v4/v5 binary
			compatibility library
	raeburn:	<absent>
			[late status update: working on stdio ccache,
				probably done coding this week]
	bcn:		working on protocol doc, nearly finished
	swick:		Cray is trying to find a tech writer to help

2) other stuff
V4 compat code will be put under #ifdef's so sites can turn it off if

perhaps a command line option to turn on/off kdc compat would be useful?

encryption funcalls through structure pointers ought to go through
#defined function names.

feel free to build TAGS/ctags files for the sources; update them as new
files appear.

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