Repricing and repackaging of AT&T 3B2 computers

MORRISTOWN, N.J. -- OCTOBER 1, 1990 -- AT&T Computer Systems today announced a repackaging and repricing of its 3B2 server line designed to assure its continuing competitive price performance, the introduction of a new model to the 3B2 line and price reductions of up to 12 percent across its 6386 WorkGroup System (WGS) client/server product line.

"With the repricing and repackaging of the 3B2 line, we are enabling customers to continue to enjoy the strengths of the product -- its most flexible networking capabilities, its industry-leading reliability, and the number of UNIX® System V applications it supports," said Scott Perry, AT&T Computer Systems vice president for marketing and strategy.

"Over the past year we have continued to respond to customer demand for enhancements to the 3B2 line, among them StarGROUP® networking operating system software, additional SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) peripherals and the UNIX System V, Release 4.0 Developers' Package, improving the 3B2's already strong capabilities as a server for a variety of applications," he said.

The 3B2/1000 Model 70's price has been reduced 25 percent to $44,900. The 3B2/1000 Model 80, Package B, the top of the 3B2 line, has been enhanced by doubling its memory capacity, to 32-megabytes of RAM from its previous 16-MB; a doubling of its storage capacity to 2-600-MB hard disks from 2-300-MB disks; and adding a 320/525-MB cartridge tape, from a 120-MB tape. Priced separately, the memory and storage additions are $24,000, but now will be included in the standard package price of $74,900.

The new model, the 3B2/522, has a 22-MHz central processing unit (CPU), that is 22 percent faster than the 18-MHz processor used by its predecessor, the 3B2/500, the company said. The new model includes 4-MB of RAM, a 300-MB hard disk and a 120-MB SCSI cartridge tape. It is priced at $24,900. All system enhancements are available now, and the 3B2 repricing is effective immediately.

The price reductions on AT&T 6386 WGS desktop systems include: 11 percent on the 6386SX/EL WGS diskfree system; 11 percent on the single floppy model; and an 8 percent reduction on the single floppy/40 MB hard disk system. In addition, standard RAM on the 6386SX/EL WGS has been doubled to 2-MB.

Price reductions for the 6386E/33 WGS server line are 12 percent on the 135-MB hard disk model and the 300-MB hard disk model. For the 6386E/33 WGS Model S servers, prices have been reduced 11 percent for both the 300-MB hard disk base and multi-user systems, and 10 percent for the 300-MB hard disk client/server model. The new prices are effective immediately for all new orders and all current orders not yet shipped.

The company also announced significant price reductions on the AT&T 593 laser printer and printer memory options, and an enhancement of the model 593 that enables it to use virtually all existing HP font cartridges.

"We are committed to providing our customers with unparalleled value in networked computing platforms," said Perry. "With these steps, we have strengthened our client/server line with products that will support new client/server applications being developed, and graphical user interfaces that demand faster CPUs, more RAM and more storage. Our goal is to give our customers the best value in the networked computing marketplace -- clients, servers, networking platforms, support services and solutions."

3B2 Price List

                                   New Price           Old Price
3B2/1000 Model 70:                 $44,900             $59,900
    - 16-MB RAM
    - 22-MHz system board
    - 2-300-MB disk drives
    - 120-MB SCSI cartridge tape
3B2/1000 Model 80, Package B:      $74,900*
    - 32-MB RAM
    - 24-MHz system board
    - 2-600-MB disk drives
    - 320/525 SCSI cartridge tape
* includes memory and storage additions worth $24,000 if priced

3B2/522:                           $24,900
    - 4-MB RAM
    - 22-MHz system board
    - 300-MB disk drive
    - 120-MB SCSI cartridge tape

6386 WorkGroup System Price List

                                   New Price           Old Price
6386SX/EL WGS diskfree             $1,895              $2,125
6386SX/EL WGS single floppy        $1,995              $2,225
6386SX/EL WGS                      $2,895              $3,125
    - single floppy/40-MB hard disk
6386E/33 WGS - 135-MB hard disk    $9,995              $11,475
6386E/33 WGS - 300-MB hard disk    $11,995             $13,575
6386E/33 WGS Model S base          $15,495             $17,400
6386E/33 WGS Model S multi-user    $19,495             $21,875
6386E/33 WGS Model S client/server $19,995             $22,225
593 Laser Printer                  $1,495              $1,695
    - 1-MB memory                  $  295              $  495
    - 2-MB memory                  $  749              $  995
    - 4-MB memory                  $1,345              $1,995
    - Postscript Compatible        $1,495              $1,995
      PDL Board

StarGroup is a registered trademark of NCR Corporation. UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and elsewhere, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Ltd.

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