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Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 17:27:39 -0400
From: John T Kohl < jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>

discussion about build environments, and folks stepping on each other
too often.
	==> we'll set up a separate place for stable include files and
		libraries in the build volume; they'll be periodically
		refreshed (at announced times) with new copies.
header files:
	agreed that we want to have some configuration files generated
at config time (e.g. with "make includes" as invoked by a "make all").
The config file(s) will have all the feature defs turned off/on as
appropriate, and users won't need any -DFOO lines specific to Kerberos.

==> all the build trees will be re-built without debugging symbols in
the object files, since we're all using saber anyway, and the space &
time of symbol tables is excessive.

	jtkohl will do the MIPS, tytso the VAX, and jfc the RT.

==> Ted Ts'o will create a glue library to link v4 code with the v5 des

Scheduling info:  see previous document, modulo:

	Ted moving the attach/nfs and pop stuff up to "now" and pushing
kprop/kpropd, so he can debug krb425 if necessary.

	Paul is dropping work on Cray; the library (minus asn.1)
compiled once, and that is usually the bulk of their work.
Add some SYSV-ish (i.e. sun) testing/compatibility work to all weeks.
Add some ASN.1 work with another compiler to his work in week -3.
Add forwarded tickets to telnet implementation.

	Ken and John Carr will collaborate on liblogin stuff; John is
doing a document for Athena (V4, attach, etc) for current work; we will
examine this next week.  Suggestion to make kinit essentially a
subroutine, usable by login, ftp (athena-ized), etc.

O'Reilly may be able to provide some help on documentation; see tytso or
roden for info.

==> John will put kerberos v4 include files into src/include/kerberosIV,
so that all programs which need them get a common copy, and sites doing
compatibility don't need to worry about finding their installed include

==> John will put together another alpha distribution next week.

Next week we'll discuss the v4/v5 update/upgrade issues, liblogin, and
do a status check.

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