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From: (Fred van Kempen)
Newsgroups: comp.os.minix
Subject: Announcement of MUGNET- MINIX User Group Hobbyist Network
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Date: 1 Nov 90 19:02:33 GMT
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Posted: Thu Nov  1 20:02:33 1990

Dear All,

At long last, the MINIX User Group of Holland (NLMUG) has a decent
connection to the USENET again. As I mentioned before to some of
you, we created a (still small) network of hobby machines running
UNIX, MINIX or something similar.  Especially in countries where
it is hard to get a connection to the *real* USENET (like many
countries in Western Europe, including Holland), this network can
be of great value for hobbyists who want a link to USENET.

Below is the first draft of the MUGNET Information Sheet.  Please
read it, and feel free to comment on it.

On another note:



                    MINIX User Group Holland (NLMUG)

              MUGNET - MINIX Hobbyist International Network

                             Fred van Kempen


                         Version 1.00 - 11/1/90

          This  text  describes  the  MUGNET  Network, its politics and its
          goals.  It is intended as a  general  piece  of  information  for
          people considering joining it.  

                                        - 1 -

          MUGNET                                        General Information

                               M U G N E T

          MUGNET  is  the  network  of  MINIX-  and UNIX-computers owned by
          hobbyists throughout the entire world.    It  started  out  as  a
          private  network  of  MINIX-  computers from members of the MINIX
          User Group Holland (NLMUG), and has  eventually  evolved  into  a
          world-wide network  of  small  hobby  systems  like these.  It is
          maintained by the various MINIX User Groups in the world, and  by
          some large  educational  institutions.    Therefore,  MUGNET  can
          operate on a non-profit basis.  All MUGNET traffic will be routed 
          through its own medium-to-high speed modem links (2400-19200bps). 
          The gateways to USENET use Internet if possible.  

          1.  HISTORY and GOALS

          It appeares that in many countries (most notably the ones forming 
          Western Europe) it is close to impossible for a hobbyist to get a 
          connection  to  USENET.  Since  many  MINIX  users  need  such  a
          connection   in  order  to  keep  up  with  the  discussions  and
          developments of the MINIX operating system, MUGNET was founded as 
          a snall network of hobby systems running MINIX. Howver,  as  time
          went  by,  more  and  more  requests  came  in from people owning
          systems that ran UNIX, not MINIX. Since these  people  were  also
          having  trouble getting a USENET connection, they were allowed to
          join MUGNET. So, in short, it can be said that  MUGNET  tries  to
          serve  all  computer  hobbyists  looking for USENET connectivity.
          This is done by offering them  services  like  e-mail,  news  and

          2.  MEMBERS

          Although the network name spells "MINIX User Group", one does not 
          need to  be  a  member  of  such  a  group.   MUGNET services are
          available for all members of the  MINIX  User  Groups  that  have
          joined  MUGNET,  plus for people from certain organizations which
          have joined MUGNET, plus any others that wish to join MUGNET on a 
          personal (and non-commercial) basis.  Organizations  must  be  in
          some  way related to MINIX if they want to join MUGNET. These can
          be software developers, universities, and the like.  

          As more User Groups are  set  up,  more  people  can  be  reached
          through MUGNET.    Many  individual  people  also expressed their
          serious interest in joining MUGNET  with  their  private  system.
          Currently,  the  following organizations are connected to MUGNET,
          or have expressed serious interest in joining it: 

               - MINIX User Group Holland
               - MINIX User Group USA- South Dakota
               - MINIX User Group France
               - MINIX User Group Japan
               - MINIX User Group Sweden
               - MINIX User Group United Kingdom
               - The MINIX Centre UK
               - MINIX User Group Germany

                                        - 2 -

          MUGNET                                        General Information

          Most of the User Groups named above are still being set up.   Any
          information  about these user Groups can be obtained by sending a
          message to Fred van Kempen at NLMUG. He will then forward  it  to
          the people setting up the User Groups.  

          Commercial institutions cannot join MUGNET, unless they have very 
          specific reasons for joining it.  


          MUGNET is currently organized as a network of star-networks.  The 
          intent is, to give each connected country a system that serves as 
          the backbone for that country.  This backbone handles all traffic 
          whithin   that   country,  and  performs  routing  if  necessary.
          Usually, it is called by all MUGNET  sites  in  that  country  at
          speeds varying between 1200 and 19200 bps.  
          All  backbones  connect  to  each other by high-speed modem links
          (typ. 19200bps) to cut down  on  international  telephone  costs.
          Since  the  backbones  only  call  each  other in batch-mode, the
          resulting costs are quite acceptable.  
          So, as long as the traffic remains within a backbone,  the  costs
          are quite little (the backbone gets called up by all sites, so it 
          only has  to  perform  some  routing  and buffering).  Traffic to
          other backbones is also relatively cheap, since  MUGNET  has  its
          own direct modem links to the other backbones on the network.  
          The  gateways to USENET and Internet are also called directly, as
          if they were MUGNET backbones.  These gateways are used to handle 
          traffic from/to the Internet and/or USENET, and  to  serve  as  a
          news feed for MUGNET.  

          Currently,  MUGNET has backbones in the Netherlands (minixug) and
          Germany (wrfb). As soon as network traffic  justifies  it,  other
          backbones will be set up.  

          4.  INTERNET DOMAIN

          In  analogy  to  the FIDONET network, we have applied for and, at
          the  time  of  this  writing,  obtained  our  own  domain   name:
  This  domain  name  allows  us  to use a very simple
          one-level addressing scheme for all connected MUGNET sites.  They 
          have the form of: 


          The backbone of a country knows which systems are in its part  of
          MUGNET,  and  it  might  also  know which systems belong to other
          backbones.  So, routing is a quite simple task.  

          5.  SERVICES

          MUGNET offers the following services: 

               MAIL    - just like USENET
               NEWS    - all desired USENET groups plus some MUGNET groups
               ARCHIVE - MUGNET maintains an archive for MINIX users

                                        - 3 -

          MUGNET                                        General Information

          All services are selected by the members themselves; no "minimal" 
          package of services is required.  Especially the ARCHIVE  service
          has yet  to  be  set  up.    The  MUGNET managers are condidering
          setting up a complete archive on every backbone, to allow  people
          to get  files  at  very  cheap rates.  These archives can then be
          updated by the network itself.  Therefore, some sort  of  Central
          Archive must exist, which will probably be the "" 

          6.  MORE INFORMATION

          If  you have any questions regarding MUGNET, its sites and/or any
          MINIX User Group, please do not hesitate to contact  us.    Write

          Internet: (Fred van Kempen)
               or :
          UUCP    : uunet!plains!minixug!waltje

                                        - 4 -

| MINIX User Group Holland  UUCP:     |
| c/o Fred van Kempen,      or: |
| Hoefbladhof  27                                               |
| 2215 DV  VOORHOUT         "Love is - what you want it to be.  |
| The Netherlands                               Alannah Myles"  |

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