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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 90 16:59:54 EST
From: John T Kohl < jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>
To: krb5-testers@ATHENA.MIT.EDU

Get it from the same place you got the first alpha, but now it's in a
subdir 'alpha2'.

Major diffs from alpha1:
ASN.1 stuff updated to draft 3 message specs

error_tables and asn.1 moved into lib/

include files all now under include/; some are generated
per-machine/architecture; unifdef provided for sites which don't have it.

configuration files cleaned up; see,,,
for examples of things you should put in architecture-dependent files
See site.def for some site-specific stuff.

new lib/krb425: link-level compatibility for v4 clients to use v5
tickets & such

new lib/ccache/stdio: stdio version of ccache; not fully debugged yet

copies of v4 include files (for programs and libraries doing both v4 &
v5 code)

bug fixes of many varieties

Coming soon:

updated telnet with improved modularity, better protocol (will be
	incompatible with existing version)
KDC which can field V4 requests
updated ccache registration scheme to make it easy to substitute in
something else as the default ccache

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