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Date: Thu, 8 Nov 90 16:46:01 -0500
From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@ATHENA.MIT.EDU>

NEXT MEETING:  Thursday 15 November, 3-4pm, E40-316 (small conf. room)

status reports:

jon:	working with ASN.1 encodings for database entries in admin
server, exepects to have something ready to play with by the end of

prb:	taking latest telnet stuff and back-patching into our ANSI-fied
telnet, expects to finish by end of this week; will look at FTP next

jfc:	gss library work proceeding slower than desired, somewhat due to
the clumsy interface (he will send comments back to the DEC folk on
this); estimates a usable v5 version in a couple days

raeburn: stdio ccache changes partly done [will finish next week], some
work progressing on library mods to provide both fcc and scc easily.

tytso: pop modifications to use krb425 were simple & straightforward
(uses different TCP port)  rpc.mountd looks trickier, because of the
(apparent) lack of Sun RPC definitions.

don:	kdc work progressing, probably a couple of days away from fully
debugged server

DES library rathole discussion:  various types of glue (4 on 5, 5 on 4,
both on other more primitive layer), v4 interface fairly straighforward
but implementation slightly confused.

For now, the v4 interface to v5 des library will be yet another separate
library until we can study in more detail.

v4/v5 discussion:	variously wandering discussion; comparisons with
X10/X11 conversion, but we have a service delivery problem and a more
complicated server/client web.  jfc's document outlines the various
conversion strategies, and suggests which strategy is most appropriate
for each class of application.  In any case, the v4/v5 transition will
be a slow one, O(years).


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