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Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!uunet!!usc!!execu!sequoia!rpp386!jfh
From: (John F. Haugh II)
Newsgroups: alt.sources
Subject: Password file conversion utilities for SVR4
Summary: Tools for converting to/from SVR4 shadow format
Message-ID: <>
Date: 9 Nov 90 16:35:28 GMT
Organization: River Parishes Programming, Austin TX
Lines: 1940
Posted: Fri Nov  9 17:35:28 1990

[ Do not archive this source code.  It is a very preliminary
  version to get some feedback started.  New versions will
  be posted as the code firms up. - jfh. ]

This is the start of the SVR4 version of the shadow login suite
I started several years ago.  This is just the first alpha
release of some code so those of you who are using any of this
will get an advanced chance to look at the new code.  The
important changes are all in shadow.c and shadow.h.  You can
ignore just about everything else for the moment.

You will notice that some files are 3.x versions, and some are
2.x.  When they all get up to 3.x, I will post the entire suite
here.  The conversion from old-format to new-format is just
starting.  I'm sorry this is a moving target right now, but I
hope it will stop moving SOON.  I will soon be posting entire
new password file utilities and libraries.  I think this is a
great improvement over the last release and hope that you will
agree once you get to see the code.

This code implments the pwconv and pwunconv utilities which
come with SVR4.  It will also convert SVR3.2 "old-style"
shadow password files to SVR4 "new-style" format automagically,
not that there is much to change.

I appreciate bug reports, as always.  I would like to thanks
those people who provided the SVR4 password file formats.  I
don't have their names in front of my right now, but they will
be appearing in a README file sometime soon.  I am still
looking for information on extended (long) password formats,
if your vendor is providing you with passwords over 8 characters
in length, I want to know how.
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