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		     Kerberos V5 Mailing List Archives

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 17:54:38 -0500
From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@MIT.EDU>
To: krbdev@MIT.EDU

NEXT MEETING: 13 Dec 1990, 3pm, E40-316

Things due for next meeting:

        don/tytso:      document on v4/v5 compatibility/upgrade stuff
        jfc:            user2user document (interface spec?)

Status reports:
        jon: playing with a "hammer" program to generate and test KDC
entries; slow progress on admin server.

        raeburn: finished up stdio ccache stuff; updated linkage code
to allow easy replacement of all ccache .o files (no need to link in our
stuff if you provide your own)

	don: working on draft of v4/v5 migration issues
                v4/v5 kdc code working, modulo weird rlogin bug
		will help jon with admin server as time allows

        jfc: thinking about user2user stuff; will have document for next
week's meeting.  Also working on random bugfixing/maintenance, some DES
optimization.  We pointed out that 1) our DES code sucks and 2) it's not
critical to work on this at the moment.

	jtkohl: RFC work, fixing CRC-32, other minor bugfixing, etc.

	tytso: kdb5_edit well underway: v4srvtab done, dump code done,
restore code is next, and kpropd after that. Also working on v4/v5
conversion document.

Time available:
        jon:  all of development time/50% of time, whichever is less
        raeburn: none this week (zephyr stuff); future unclear
        don: most (3/4 or more)
	jfc: "more time", about 10-15hr/week
	tytso: 50% 

Various discussions about OSF relationship, if/how that affects our
"release" schedule.  Eventual decision: ship another alpha-test before
year's end.

Deliverables for next alpha-test distribution (i.e. before 19 December,
preferably earlier):
	next-draft code changes (jtkohl?)
	KDC v4 compatibility (mostly done, don)
	slave server (tytso)
	principal "hammering" stuff (jon)
	user2user code (jfc)
	improved RFC (jtkohl)

	maybe: build notes, kerberized Berkeley pop stuff

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