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Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!uunet!!chinacat!sequoia!rpp386!jfh
From: (John F Haugh II)
Newsgroups: alt.sources
Subject: BSD chpass for System V
Summary: chpass command from the freed BSD sources ported to SCO Xenix
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Jan 91 15:07:31 GMT
Distribution: alt
Organization: River Parishes Programming, Austin TX
Lines: 1295
Archive-Name: chpassV.shar

I finally got a copy of the freed BSD sources and was tinkering with
chpass.  It is a slightly more user-friendly version of the chfn and
chsh commands.  So, I ported it to SCO Xenix and this is what I got.
It should work just fine on any System V machine.  The chpass.1
manpage has not been modified at all and may not be usable.  Feel
free to fix it and mail the fixes back to me.

It requires that you have the "mkpasswd" command.  If you don't have
it, feel free to rip out that part of the code or pick up the version
which I posted here some time back from your nearest alt.sources
archive site.

I will be modifying this to work with the password libraries I've
been tinkering with and will add it to that collection of commands
at that time.  On thing I hope to fix is not having to rebuild the
entire password DBM file each time an entry is changed.  This will
greatly cut down on the amount of time the password file is locked.

As always, unshar and enjoy!
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