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From: m...@MRT.MACH.CS.CMU.EDU (Mary Thompson)
Newsgroups: comp.archives
Subject: [mach] New Mach 3.0 kernel release
Message-ID: <>
Date: 19 Feb 91 05:45:30 GMT
References: <>
Sender: (Edward Vielmetti)
Reply-To: m...@MRT.MACH.CS.CMU.EDU (Mary Thompson)
Followup-To: comp.os.mach
Organization: Carnegie Mellon University
Lines: 233
Approved: (Edward Vielmetti)
X-Original-Newsgroups: comp.os.mach

Archive-name: os/mach/mach-micro-kernel/1991-02-14
Archive-directory: []
Original-posting-by: m...@MRT.MACH.CS.CMU.EDU (Mary Thompson)
Original-subject: New Mach 3.0 kernel release
Reposted-by: (Edward Vielmetti)

The Mach 3.0 kernel version MK42 is now available for ftp.
For ftp instructions  ftp as user anonymous to
then "cd mach3"
and get FTP.inst

Bug fixes:
--- -----

[I386]	Picked up Rich Draves intel/pmap.c fix to keep the i386 version
	from hanging
	Picked up a number of i386 changes from Bob

[PMAX]	Picked up the scsi driver fix from Sandro and lots of other
	mips specfic files.

Organizational changes:
-------------- -------
All the libmach, theads and man sections now have the new Mach
permissive copyright

I upgraded the libmach i386 bcopy routine to reno in order to
get a BSD permissive copyright.

******** CUT HERE ******** summary of log messages ******** CUT HERE ********
[ ./conf/version.edit ]

Changes from Rich
[ ./kernel/intel/pmap.c ]
Fixed pmap_expand to use vm_page_grab/VM_PAGE_WAIT.
[91/01/12            rpd]
[ ./kernel/ipc/ipc_right.c ]
Fixed bug in ipc_right_copyin_check, following rchen's report.
[91/01/26            rpd]
Copyright changes
[ ./kernel/conf/copyright ]
New Mach copyright
[ ./kernel/man/* ]
Changed to new Mach copyright
[91/02/12  18:10:12  mrt]
[ ./user/libmach/* ]
Added new Mach copyright
[91/02/13  12:45:25  mrt]
[ ./user/threads/* ]
Added new Mach copyright
[91/02/13  12:40:50  mrt]
[ ./kernel/sys/ioctl.h ]
Changed to new Mach copyright
[ ./kernel/i386/ntoh.s ]
Changed to new Mach copyright
Mips changes from Sandro
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/cfb_hdw.c ]
In interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
[91/02/12  12:44:36  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/dz_hdw.c ]
In interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
[91/02/12  12:45:12  af]
Modified dz_param never to use 7bits per char.
Now we can use the serial lines even in non-raw mode,
which means we can login, for instance.
[90/12/31            af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/ga_hdw.c ]
In interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
[91/02/12  12:43:54  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/gq_hdw.c ]
In interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
[91/02/12  12:44:15  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/if_se.c ]
In interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
Added (optional) loopback of packets sent to ourselves,
this way can run multiple POEs and have them talk to each other.
Same flag lets you run with external hardware loopback terminator
ignoring no-carrier errors.
Fixed bug with multiple ether boards.
Fixed bug with loopback path shifting data incorrectly.
[91/02/12  12:53:29  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/if_se_mapped.c ]
In interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
Also sanity check for spurious interrupts anyways.
[91/02/12  12:41:46  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/kn01.c ]
In interrupt routines, drop priority as now required.
[91/02/12  12:54:42  af]
Added kn01_memcheck().
[91/01/03  02:09:21  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/kn02.c ]
Pass along the spllevel to interrupt routines.
[91/02/12  12:40:09  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/mapped_scsi.c ]
In interrupt routines, drop priority as now required.
Also, sanity check against spurious interrupts.
[91/02/12  13:17:21  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/mc_clock.c ]
Factored out delay() function, and made it box-indep.
Added accurate_config_delay() which calls delay()'s
configuration code.  Modified ackrtclock() to
invoke it on first call.
Tell the user what the CPU clock speed loks like, 
distinguish between DS3100 and DS2100 based on clock speed.
[91/02/12  13:03:16  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/mc_clock.h ]
New values for delay() function.
[91/02/12  13:04:04  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/mips_box.c ]
In clock interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
[91/02/12  12:59:26  af]
Defined pmax_memcheck() and related default implementation.
[91/01/03  02:10:32  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/mips_box.h ]
Fix macros so that interrupt routines can drop priority as now required.
[91/02/12  12:56:04  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/mouse.c ]
Sanity check so that we will never loose synch if the serial line
drops characters.
[91/02/12  12:57:21  af]
Mouse events are now accounted for by the screenm saver.
[91/01/04  15:35:30  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/pm_hdw.c ]
In interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
[91/02/12  12:42:39  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/rz_disk.c ]
Added (optional and disabled) code for checksumming.
[91/02/12  12:58:27  af]
Bug in strategy routine: for xfers larger than
max_dma was not setting the io_count right at
the end of the transfer.  Now new fsck works.
[90/12/10  17:26:47  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/scsi_53C94_hdw.c ]
In interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
Also, sanity check for spurious interrupts.
Some more debugging tools.
[91/02/12  12:46:38  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/autoconf.c ]
New values for new delay() function.
[91/02/12  12:29:29  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/db_interface.c ]
Added flag not to invoke vm_fault(), used in crashed kernels.
[91/02/12  12:15:09  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/mips_cpu.s ]
Fixed a number of problems in the FPA emulation code.
Added delay() and its autotime function, this way we
can distinguish between DS3100 and DS2100.
[91/02/12  12:37:13  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/mips_instruction.c ]
Added branch_delay() for FPA emulation.
[91/02/12  12:23:19  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/pmap.c ]
Fixed pmap_attribute() to loop through all phys pages while
flushing the cache.  If this gets used heavily for large
ranges it will be wise to just flush the whole cache in
one shot, or keep perhaps track of which 'cache pages'
need flushing and which do not.
[91/02/12  12:33:25  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/pmap.h ]
Made sure PTETOPHYS() does not get optimized away.
[91/01/10            af]
[ ./kernel/mips/softfp.s ]
The FPA csr is now passed as third argument.
[91/02/12  12:21:21  af]
[ ./kernel/device/net_io.c ]
Added garbage collection of dead filters.
[91/02/12  12:11:10  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/PMAX/scsi_7061_hdw.c ]
In interrupt routine, drop priority as now required.
[91/02/12  13:18:18  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/db_trace.c ]
Split trace function from ddb interface.  Added (optional)
code to walk through a user-mode, optimized CThread program
like the U*x server.  Should make it MI someday.
[91/02/12  12:18:59  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/locore.s ]
Reversed the meaning of the booleans in the ref_bits array.
[91/02/12  12:24:39  af]
[ ./kernel/mips/trap.c ]
Pass along the spl level to interrupt routines, which are now
invoked with interrupts DISABLED so that they can defend 
themselves from unwarranted multiple invocations.  It is
now the routine's responsibility to lower the spl at the indicated
priority level as soon as the interrupt cause has been cleared.
[91/02/12  12:28:43  af]
Activated mipsbox_memory_check() macro.
[91/01/03  02:08:14  af]
Changes from Bob
[ ./kernel/ddb/db_input.c ]
Add input line editing.
[90/11/11            dbg]
[ ./kernel/i386/trap.c ]
rfr's latest changes to v86 assist
[91/01/28  15:25:30  rvb]
[ ./kernel/i386at/com.c ]
Merge of dbg's latest working com.c onto the old com.c
with the new autoconf and other major changes.
[91/01/28  15:26:13  rvb]
[ ./kernel/i386at/conf.c ]
Allow com driver and distinguish EtherLinkII from wd8003
[91/01/28  15:27:02  rvb]
[ ./kernel/i386at/fd.c ]
This file is the logical contatenation of the previous c765.c,
m765knl.c and m765drv.c, in that order.  
[91/01/15            rvb]
[ ./kernel/i386at/fdreg.h ]
New, Improved, compatible with new fd.c
[91/01/28  15:33:58  rvb]
[ ./kernel/i386at/if_ns8390.c ]
Distinguish EtherLinkII vs WD8003 on open.  Get packet
size right for statistics.  Fix 3.0 buf that sometimes
reported packets too large.
[91/01/28  15:31:22  rvb]
[ ./kernel/i386at/if_pc586.c ]
You must check RBD_SW_EOF for rbd chain termination, a link of 0xffff
does not work.  Also we've just seen a status of 0xffff in rcv() with
a bad fd_p->link_offset; we'll now reset.
[91/01/17            rvb]
[ ./kernel/i386at/kd.c ]
Merge cleanup.
[91/01/28  17:14:11  rvb]
Drop priority around display routines in kdstart, so that
scrolling or clearing the screen doesn't block other interrupts
(e.g. com driver).
[91/01/28  15:29:45  rvb]
[ ./kernel/i386at/kdasm.s ]
Follow dbg's lead.
[91/01/15            rvb]

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