Enhancements To IBM's RISC System/6000 Family Provide Customers With Increased Performance, Improved Graphics, More Data Storage

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., March 12, 1991 -- PRNewswire -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today enhanced its RISC System/6000(A) family of POWERstations and POWERservers with a number of new products to provide customers with increased performance and growth capability to meet their expanding technical and commercial computing needs.

Included in the announcements are: a higher performance desktop workstation and server; a more powerful rack-mounted server; a new workstation graphics product that brings the power of IBM's Supergraphics POWERstation 730 to other members of the family; and several offerings that significantly increase data storage capacity across all models in the RISC System/6000 family.

IBM also announced a faster X terminal with improved memory capabilities and reductions in RISC System/6000 memory and fixed disk drive prices. Conversion options were introduced as well to allow current users of the desktop systems and rack-mounted server to upgrade their machines while protecting their existing investments in hardware and software.

"Today's announcements reinforce IBM's commitment to workstation leadership and give customers greater flexibility in choosing a UNIX(B) system to meet their performance and price performance requirements," said William Filip, IBM vice president and president, Advanced Workstations Division. "The new RISC System/6000 family members, workstation graphics product, enhanced X terminal and expanded storage options all add up to greater value for our users. We've made the product line even more attractive with the emphasis on investment protection, as evidenced by the price reductions and upgrade paths that were also announced."

In addition, IBM today announced support for the DX/IP Router product from Network Systems Corporation. This high-speed communications device will allow scientists and engineers using the RISC System/6000 for high intensive computing projects to connect with supercomputers from IBM and other manufacturers to share data and resources.

Memory, Fixed Disk Drive Prices Reduced

IBM today reduced the prices for two types of RISC System/6000 system memory. Add-on memory, purchased by customers who want to expand the capacity of their RISC System/6000 systems, was reduced by 24 percent to 57 percent, depending on memory module size. Incremental memory -- which is additional capacity beyond the base memory, installed by IBM prior to customer shipment -- was reduced by 44 percent to 66 percent.

IBM also reduced prices on two 5 1/4-inch fixed disk drives available for the RISC System/6000 family. The price for the 355 megabyte drive was reduced by 26 percent, and the price for the 670 megabyte drive was reduced by 32 percent.

New RISC System/6000 Models

IBM introduced a new POWERstation and two new POWERservers today, bringing to 15 the total number of workstations and servers now in the RISC System/6000 family. All the models use the same IBM Performance Optimization with Enhanced RISC (POWER) Architecture, high-performance Micro Channel(A) bus and AIX(A) operating system to provide customers with a superior computing platform. The new workstation and servers will run the more than 3,000 leadership applications now available for the RISC System/6000 family.

The POWERstation/POWERserver 320H

The 320H, available as a desktop/deskside workstation or server, is a more powerful version of the current low-end POWERstation/POWERserver 320. It features a faster processor with a clock rate of 25 MHz and comes standard with 16 megabytes of memory and 160 megabytes of fixed disk storage. Prices start at $17,970(C) for a full configuration, with availability planned for March 29. A conversion option, with planned availability of June, will allow current POWERstation/POWERserver 320 users to upgrade to the faster processor.

The POWERserver 950

This new server incorporates the industry-leading performance of the 41.6 MHz processor from IBM's POWERserver 550 in a rack configuration, combining high power with expanded flexibility. The system comes standard with 32 megabytes of memory and 857 megabytes of disk storage. Prices for a full configuration start at $151,380, with availability planned for June. A conversion option, consisting of the POWERserver 950 processor and memory cards, is offered to allow current POWERserver 930 customers to upgrade. Availability of the conversion option is planned for September.

Other New Products

RISC System/6000 POWERgraphics GTO(A)

This external graphics subsystem unit is an attractive offering for RISC System/6000 workstation customers who want to upgrade their graphics performance while protecting their investment in current systems. When attached to an existing POWERstation, the unit delivers high-function, high-performance graphics equivalent to the graphics subsystem of the Supergraphics POWERstation 730 -- IBM's dedicated RISC System/6000 graphics workstation.

The product supports accelerated 2-D and 3-D line drawing, shading and other image viewing tasks, making it ideal for scientific and technical users in fields such as computer-aided design, molecular modeling and entertainment graphics. The POWERgraphics GTO comes in two versions -- an 8-bit color model priced at $19,500 and a 24-bit color model for $29,500. An upgrade from the 8-bit model to the 24-bit model is offered to provide a growth path. Availability is planned for August.

Xstation 130

This new IBM X terminal includes higher performing graphics and Input/Output processors and more memory options than the Xstation 120, IBM's current X terminal offering. Attached to a RISC System/6000 POWERserver or other host system, the Xstation 130 retains the graphical user interface and windowing environment that make workstations so appealing but costs significantly less. An entry-level monochrome Xstation 130 with a 12-inch display, 2.5 megabytes of memory and 1 megabyte of video memory is priced under $3,000. An entry-level color system with 14-inch display is $3,325. Planned availability is April 26.

Data Storage Products

IBM announced several products that allow greater fixed disk storage capacity for all members of the RISC System/6000 family, providing customers with the capability to process work more efficiently on their workstations or add more users to their networks. Planned availability for all these products is September.

-- The Model 500 Deskside Expansion Unit is a floorstanding external disk drive system that provides up to 3.4 gigabytes of additional storage capacity for the POWERstation/POWERserver 320, 320H, 520, 530, 540, 550 and POWERstation 730. Prices for the unit vary depending on capacity, starting at $10,400 with one 670 megabyte drive included.

-- The new Model 010 Drawer Expansion Unit and new Expansion Rack enable the rack-mounted POWERserver 930 and 950 to support up to 22.2 gigabytes of disk storage -- nearly twice the capacity of the systems without this option. The price for the Drawer Expansion Unit starts at $9,900 with one 670 megabyte drive included. The Expansion Rack is $5,500.

(A) -- Indicates trademark of International Business Machines Corporation

(B) -- Indicates trademark of UNIX System Laboratories, Inc.

(C) -- Included in this configuration are the following: standard memory and fixed disk, 19-inch monochrome display, AIX Version 3 for the RISC System/6000, graphical user interface, mouse, keyboard, Ethernet and AIX XL FORTRAN Run Time Environment/6000.

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