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Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 11:02:45 EST
From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@MIT.EDU>
To: krbdev@MIT.EDU

0) next meeting, to discuss Kerberos futures, scheduled for 2 Apr 91
2-3pm in E40-316

1) status reports:
	jfc:	nil
	jon:	nil
	tytso:	has been busy on other stuff, making slow progress on
sendauth code (ready to put into library), discovered some "gotchas"
needing documentation for inter-realm operation
	jtkohl:	added a firewall in KDC to not issue tickets to clients
claiming to be in the KDC's realm but present TGT issued from another realm
		snarfed berkeley "popper" code and emacs' movemail code,
and stuck in V5 code.  Also converted sample client to use sendauth().

2) other items:
	jfc wonders whether a protocol error "don't share a key with
foreign realm" should be created and returned when a client tries to get
to a realm which isn't connected to its KDC tree.

	jtkohl will put together an alpha release at the end of this
week; everything is already read for the release with the exception of
installing the sendauth code in the library (which tytso will do, and is
mostly just slicing .c files apart and moving them to different


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