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Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 17:44:01 EST
From: John T Kohl <jtkohl@MIT.EDU>
To: krbdev@MIT.EDU, tjm@MIT.EDU

0. next meeting is 18th April (Thursday) 3:30-5 in E40-316, for status
updates on coding work in progress toward 30th April deadline.

1.  what is "done"?
	lots of discussion, end result that "done" for now is
		current code, plus GSSAPI and user2user example(s)

2. timetable/resources:
	for 30th April:
		tytso will have GSSAPI coded
		jtkohl and jfc will have user2user example(s) coded
	month of May:  code walk/cleanup, and documentation as time permits
	release target: 1 Jun (assuming creating distribution from
		sources is transferrable knowledge from jtkohl to tytso)
		slip to 10 Jun if required (jtkohl will be back from
			European tour then)

3. future work (in near priority order), hopefully to be started during summer:
	admin server
	v4/v5 database conversion tool
	GSSAPI stability
	user2user stability

[minutes culled from jtkohl & jis notes]

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