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 Kerberos V5 Development Mailing List Archives
Date: Fri, 10 May 91 16:50:36 EDT
From: John T Kohl < jtkohl@MIT.EDU>
To: kerberos@MIT.EDU
Reply-To: /dev/null@MIT.EDU

We expect to have a publicly-available beta-test version of MIT's
implementation of Kerberos V5 available in early June (current release
target is June 3, but don't be surprised if we delay that a week).

To make use of this, you'll need to pick up the ISODE interim release
(6.8), which can be found at in /isode/isode-interim.tar.Z.
Apply the changes found in

to files in the pepsy/ directory of ISODE 6.8 (these changes are some
bug fixes and extensions for things we need in V5).

You probably also want to pick up some of the build/run-time support
tools in /ftp/pub/kerberos/v5/tools/.  These are:
ss.tar:			contains the "ss" subsystem
com_err.tar:		contains the error table subsystem
imake.tar:		contains a copy of Imake ripped off from X11R4
makedepend.tar:		contains a copy of makedepend ripped off from X11R4
imake-files.tar:	contains Imake support files for the above systems

[com_err recently appeared on Usenet in comp.sources.misc, so you may
not need it.  If you have x11r4 installed, you should already have
makedepend and imake.]

Don't ask for e-mail copies of these files; we're too busy to deal with