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 Kerberos V5 Development Mailing List Archives
Wed Jun 5 00:04:26 1991

Well, perhaps we should push back the Beta release until the end of this
week, given that we have at least three issues to settle:

1) The copyright notices

2) The ASN.1 definition files

3) The DES confounder stuff

Wed Jun 5 13:57:15 1991

to clear up a miscommunication, I don't think we need to delay just to clean
up some of the ASN.1 stuff; it's not a protocol issue, just a C translation
code issue.

However, I also noticed something else we wanted to change hasn't happened
yet, integrating the libraries into a few pieces rather than the current

Thu Jun 6 09:47:12 1991

I'm running a script to put copyright notices on everything.

There are a few files in the replay cache code which need special notices,
as they're public-domain software from Dan Bernstein.

Fri Jun 7 14:59:33 1991

Are we ready to go today?  I'll be back at Athena sometime later this p.m.,
and the hordes are getting restless.