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From: bos...@OKEEFFE.BERKELEY.EDU (Keith Bostic)
Newsgroups: comp.bugs.4bsd.ucb-fixes
Subject: V1.95 (BSD Networking Software, Release #2)
Message-ID: <9107032314.AA06592@okeeffe.Berkeley.EDU>
Date: 3 Jul 91 23:14:59 GMT
Sender: dae...@ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU
Organization: University of California at Berkeley
Lines: 36

We are happy to announce the availability of the second release of the
BSD networking software.  The distribution includes approximately 75% of
the utilities distributed as part of 4.3BSD-Reno and the C library (along
with manual pages and some related documentation), and much of the kernel.
We wish to *strongly* emphasize, however, that significant portions of
the kernel are missing and that no binary support is supplied for any
architecture.  Please note also that this software has only been tested
for compilation and operation on 4.3BSD-Reno.

This release is intended for system developers and others who wish to
preview or experiment with the most recent Berkeley system.  It may also
be useful as an update to earlier BSD or BSD-derived systems, although
substantial work will be required to integrate portions of this release
into older systems.  This distribution is *not* intended to be used on
production systems, nor is it intended for sites without the expertise
to find and fix problems that are encountered.

This software suite is Copyright (C) 1991 The Regents of the University
of California and may be freely redistributed without further charge.  No
previous license, either from AT&T or Berkeley is required.  The release
costs $850.00 US on 6250 BPI 9-track magnetic tape or 8mm Exabyte cassette
or $950.00 US on 1600 BPI 9-track magnetic tape.  The distribution is
approximately 90Mb in size.  To request an order form, please contact our
distribution office by phone at 415-642-7780, or by sending email to or uunet!ucbarpa!bsd-dist, or by U.S. Mail at:

	CSRG, Computer Science Division
	University of California
	Berkeley, CA  94720

Mike Karels
Kirk McKusick
Keith Bostic
Keith Sklower
Marc Teitelbaum

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