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From: (Bob Scheifler)
Subject: Obtaining Release 5 of the X Window System
Message-ID: <>
Date: 3 Sep 91 23:12:19 GMT
Sender: (Mr Background)
Organization: The Internet
Lines: 341


Release 5 of the X Window System, Version 11, will be available to the public
starting September 5 at 9:00am EDT (13:00 GMT).

The software in this release is not in the public domain, but is freely
available.  No license is required and there are no royalties; vendors are
actively encouraged to base products on this software and on the standards
defined by the MIT X Consortium.

Sites that have network file transfer ability can retrieve the release from
the network location nearest them listed further below.  If you are unable
to retrieve the release from the network, or you want to obtain printed
copies of the documentation, the MIT Software Center provides sets of tapes
and documentation as follows:

Core Software Tape

	The "core" X Window System software, supported by the
	MIT X Consortium.  Contains implementations of X Consortium
	standards plus fonts, utility libraries and toolkits, and
	applications.  Sources for all hardcopy documents listed below
	are included on the tape.  Approximately 77Mb on disk.

Contributed Software Tapes

	Contains a large variety of user-contributed software, including
	protocol extensions, toolkits, utilities, applications, fonts,
	and documentation sources.  This software is not supported by
	the X Consortium; it is distributed as a public service.
	This software will not be available on tape until mid-October.
	(A preliminary version is available only on the network.)

Client Standards Set (for Application Programmers)

	Contains one hardcopy each of the following X Consortium standards
	documents: Bitmap Distribution Format, Compound Text, Inter-Client
	Communication Conventions Manual, X Logical Font Description
	Conventions, Xlib, X Toolkit Intrinsics, X Nonrectangular Shape
	Extension, and X Input Extension Library.  Approximately 800 pages.

Client Standards Set w/ DP book

	Contains all documents in the Client Standards Set, plus one
	copy of the 2nd Edition of the Digital Press book "X Window System:
	The Complete Reference to Xlib, X Protocol, ICCCM, XLFD".  Please
	note that this edition contains Release 4 specifications, but
	contains a far superior index than the standards documents, as well
	as other useful information.

Protocol Standards Set (for System Developers)

	Contains one hardcopy each of the following X Consortium standards
	documents:  X Protocol, Font Service Protocol, X Input Extension
	Protocol, X Display Manager Control Protocol, and PEX Protocol.
	Approximately 550 pages.

MIT Documentation Set (for Users and Application Programmers)

	Contains one hardcopy each of the following documents:
	Athena Widget Set Manual, Xmu Library Manual, MIT Shared Memory
	Extension, Xterm Control Sequences, X client manual pages,
	PEX User Guide.  Approximately 500 pages.

PHIGS Documentation Set (for PHIGS Programmers)

	Contains one hardcopy of the PHIGS manual pages.  PHIGS is
	an international standard programming interface for 3D graphics,
	and is the interface supported by the X Consortium for using
	the PEX 3D graphics extension.  Approximately 900 pages.

ALL Tapes and Documentation

	Contains: Core Software Tape, Contributed Software Tapes,
	Client Standards Set w/ DP book, Protocol Standards Set,
	MIT Documentation Set, and PHIGS Documentation Set.

The rates for obtaining these sets are as follows:


ALL Tapes and Documentation		$450.00			$550.00
Core Software Tape			$100.00			$150.00
Contributed Software Tapes		$145.00			$200.00
Client Standards Set w/ DP Book		$100.00			$125.00
Client Standards Set			$ 50.00			$ 60.00
Protocol Standards Set			$ 30.00			$ 40.00
MIT Documentation Set			$ 30.00			$ 40.00
PHIGS Documentation Set			$ 50.00			$ 60.00

When you order tapes, you must specify either QIC-24 cartridge tape, or
6250bpi 9-track tape, as the media format.  Tapes come in "tar" format.
No other media or data formats are available from M.I.T.

All prices include shipping via UPS for U.S. and Canadian orders, and
international UPS service for overseas orders.  However, if you would like
next-day delivery, please supply your DHL or another courier account
number.  We are unable to ship via Federal Express at this time.

The only form of payment accepted by M.I.T. is a check or bank transfer.
If ordering from outside of the U.S., checks must be in U.S. dollars and
drawn on a U.S. bank.  We cannot accept purchase orders.  Please send a
check for the appropriate amount, as indicated above and make the check
payable to the "Massachusetts Institute of Technology".

	Mail your order to:

Software Center
Technology Licensing Office
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
28 Carleton Street, Room E32-300
Cambridge, MA 02142-1324

phone: (617) 258-8330

	Please send bank transfers to:

First National Bank of Boston
100 Federal Street
Boston, MA  02110

Acct# 51463306
Reference:  M.I.T. Technology Licensing Office


X Window System is a trademark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Tape Format:		_____ 6250bpi 9-track    _____ QIC-24 cartridge

				      QUANTITY			TOTAL

ALL Tapes and Documentation		____ X $450.00		$_______

Core Software Tape			____ X $100.00		$_______

Contributed Software Tapes		____ X $145.00		$_______

Client Standards Set w/ DP Book		____ X $100.00		$_______

Client Standards Set			____ X $ 50.00		$_______

Protocol Standards Set			____ X $ 30.00		$_______

MIT Documentation Set			____ X $ 30.00		$_______

PHIGS Documentation Set			____ X $ 50.00		$_______

						GRAND TOTAL:	$_______

Courier: ____________________________	(for next-day delivery only)

Courier account number: _____________________________

Shipping address:


Tape Format:		_____ 6250bpi 9-track    _____ QIC-24 cartridge

				      QUANTITY			TOTAL

ALL Tapes and Documentation		____ X $550.00		$_______

Core Software Tape			____ X $150.00		$_______

Contributed Software Tapes		____ X $200.00		$_______

Client Standards Set w/ DP Book		____ X $125.00		$_______

Client Standards Set			____ X $ 60.00		$_______

Protocol Standards Set			____ X $ 40.00		$_______

MIT Documentation Set			____ X $ 40.00		$_______

PHIGS Documentation Set			____ X $ 60.00		$_______

						GRAND TOTAL:	$_______

Courier: ____________________________	(for next-day delivery only)

Courier account number: _____________________________

Shipping address:
			  North America anonymous FTP:

Location	Address				Directory
--------	-------				---------

California		pub/X11/R5
California		pub/X11R5
Indiana		pub/X11/R5
Maryland			pub/X11R5
		(good for MILNET sites)
Massachusetts			pub/X11/R5
Massachusetts		pub/R5
		( is better)
Michigan			pub/X11R5
Missouri		packages/X11R5
Montana		pub/X.V11R5
New Mexico		pub/dist/X11R5
New York		pub/X11R5
North Carolina			dist/sources/X11R5
Ohio		pub/X.V11R5
		(not online until ~ 9 Sept)
Ontario		pub/X11R5
Washington DC			X/R5
Washington DC			X/R5

		   Europe/Middle East/Australia anonymous FTP:

Australia			X.V11/R5
Denmark			pub/X11R5
England		graphics/X.V11R5
Finland			pub/X11/R5
France			X/X11R5
Germany	pub/X11R5
Israel			pub/X11R5
Italy		pub/X11R5
		(not online until ~ 7 Sept)
Netherlands			windows/X/R5
Norway			pub/X11R5
Norway				pub/X11R5
Switzerland			software/X11R5

			 Japan anonymous FTP:

Kanagawa			X11R5
Kwansai		X11R5
Kyushu		X11R5
Tokyo		X11R5
Tokyo		pub/X11R5


uunet		for UUNET customers		~/X/R5

decwrl		existing neighbors only		~/pub/X11/R5
osu-cis						~/X.V11R5
		(not online until ~ 9 Sept)

WJanon		(host:	~/X/X11R5/
		Modem: Telebit TB2500 (PEP, V.32, etc)
		Systems or L.sys suggested/approximate entry:
		    WJanon Any ACU 19200 1-408-435-0240 "" \r login: WJanon

utai		existing neighbors only		~/ftp/pub/X11R5

hp4nl		Netherlands only		~uucp/pub/windows/X/R5


Missouri		/archive/packages/X11R5			mount point: /archive


Pennsylvania	/afs/

		     NIFTP (hhcp, cpf, fcp, ...):

England		<X.V11R5>
		user "guest"

			      anon FTAM:

England		000005102000 (Janet)		X.V11R5 (Internet)
		204334504108 (IXI)


Australia	munnari.oz (fetchfile)		X.V11/R5
		Please fetch only one file
		at a time, after checking
		that a copy is not available
		at a closer site.

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