Unix System Laboratories Introduces Standard Multiprocessing Release of the Unix System V Release 4.0

SUMMIT, N.J., Oct. 8, 1991 -- PRNewswire -- UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. (USL), today introduced the standard multiprocessing release of the UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0 operating system. UNIX System V Release 4 Multi-Processor Version 1 provides unmatched scalability and performance, and as part of the SVR4 family, it is completely compatible with UNIX System V Release 4.0 applications already in use.

"Availability of UNIX System V Release 4 Multi-Processor (SVR4 MP) gives vendors, value added resellers, integrators, and end users the first widely supported, standards-compliant, high-performance platform for multiprocessing applications. SVR4 MP runs all application and driver software that has already been produced for SVR4.0. The product epitomizes what a development partnership dedicated to the Open Systems market can accomplish," said Mike DeFazio, executive vice president, UNIX System V Software, at USL.

Developed by a consortium of multiprocessor technology leaders, SVR4 MP is initially available to industry vendors from USL in source code form for the Intel 386/Intel486 architecture. NCR Corporation, Unisys, Wyse Technology Inc., and Everex Systems have already announced multiprocessor systems based on the Intel 486 microprocessor and SVR4 MP. Original consortium members include USL, Intel Corporation, NCR Corporation, Unisys, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., with Wyse Technology Inc., joining their efforts as the provider of the scalability reference platform, the Wyse Series 9000i.

The initial source code product is based on a Compaq System Pro as a reference platform. This release of the product will be followed by source code reference platform products developed in partnership with Wyse Technology Inc., for their Wyse Series 9000i VME and 7000 EISA architectures and with Corollary's 486/smp(TM) and C-bus II(TM) multiprocessor architectures.

USL partners Motorola and Unisys in conjunction with Dolphin Server Technology, OMRON Advanced Systems, ENCORE, and Samsung Software America are porting the release to the Motorola 88000(TM) multiprocessor architectures. Intel Corporation, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Stardent, and Stratus are working with USL porting the release to Intel860(TM) microprocessor architectures. As a result, the standard SVR4 MP platform will be available on the widest variety of hardware platforms in the industry.

SVR4 MP Applications Compatibility

Like its SVR4.0 parent, SVR4 MP conforms to all significant open system industry standards, including X/Open's Portability Guide Issue 3, IEEE POSIX, and the System V Interface Definition. In keeping with USL's emphasis on protecting end user and software developer investments, applications written for UNIX System V Release 3.2 and UNIX System V Release 4.0 will run without change on SVR4 MP. According to UNIX International, Inc., there are over 18,000 applications that run on UNIX SVR4.0.

SVR4 MP Performance

UNIX SVR4 MP is designed to scale up to 16 microprocessors, USL in partnership with Wyse Technology Inc. has performed scalability testing with 5 microprocessors using the Wyse Series 9000i. SVR4 MP running on a 5-microprocessor in a Wyse Series 9000i produced a benchmark of 175,000 GAEDE scripts per hour on the popular GAEDE time-sharing workload test. The system met the SVR4 MP design goal of delivering 85 percent of all available microprocessor power on the GAEDE benchmark. SVR4 MP is being released for sale in configurations of up to 5 CPUs in the Unisys U6000/65, up to 8 CPUs in the NCR 3550, up to 9 CPUs with the Wyse Series 9000i and up to 6 CPUs with the Everex STEP MP.

Conformance with UI Roadmap

SVR4 MP is USL's first step toward providing the comprehensive support for multiprocessing systems called for in UI's UNIX System V Roadmap, a public document that describes what the computer industry wants to see in UNIX System V over the next one-to-five years. The UI UNIX System V Roadmap calls for a phased approach to multiprocessing, beginning with support in 1991 for standard symmetric multiprocessing systems with up to ten microprocessors and extending into support for larger-scale, secure multiprocessing systems and a new generation of applications designed to run in parallel processing environments.

UNIX International, Inc., President and CEO Peter Cunningham said, "UI welcomes the introduction of UNIX SVR4 MP and congratulates USL and other consortium members for working together to bring to the marketplace a product that helps to prove that Open Systems are the future of the computer industry. This product meets the requirements set forth in the UI UNIX System V Roadmap, and delivers a product that the computer industry has been waiting for, a fully symmetric multiprocessing system, capable of meeting the needs of the low end user as well as the high end customer, while providing the power of UNIX SVR4.0 and multiprocessing technology."

SVR4 MP Pricing and Availability

UNIX SVR4 MP is available immediately. Existing UNIX SVR4.0 licensees can purchase the source code product at $50,000. New licensees can obtain a source code license for $150,000. A special promotional price license is available until the end of the year for new source code licensees for $115,000.

About USL

UNIX System Laboratories, Inc., headquartered in Summit, N.J., develops and markets UNIX System V and related system software in source code form to computer hardware and system software vendors worldwide. USL works closely with UNIX International, Inc., to ensure that UNIX System V evolves in step with the needs of the Open Systems industry.

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