Unix International Welcomes News That Unix System V Will Be Available On ACE Computer Hardware Platform

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Oct. 10, 1991 -- PRNewswire -- UNIX International announced today that it welcomes the news that the industry-standard UNIX System V Release 4 will be available as a standard operating system option on the Advanced Computing Environment (ACE) Initiative computer hardware platform.

"This announcement is very positive news for UNIX International, for the computer industry, and for computer users," said Peter Cunningham, president and CEO of UNIX International (UI). "This agreement stands to expand the hardware base for System V Release 4, thus eliminating a potential cause of confusion among end users. It allows software developers and system vendors to focus their efforts on delivering value to the end user, rather than supporting a variety of operating systems."

UNIX International executives will be available by telephone for comment on the announcement.

CONTACT: Steve Payne or Tina Leifer of UNIX International, 201-263-8400, or Jack Jackson or Rob Hayes of Miller Communications, 617-536-0470, for UNIX International/ 08:41 EDT

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