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Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!uunet!!!ucbvax!
From: (Stephen Gildea)
Subject: X11R5 final contrib software available
Message-ID: <>
Date: 15 Oct 91 15:15:30 GMT
Sender: (Mr Background)
Organization: X Consortium, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Lines: 175

Today the MIT X Consortium made available the contributed half of
the X Window System, Version 11, Release 5.  This final contrib
tape replaces the preliminary contrib software offered last month
with the core of Release 5.

This software was contributed to the X Consortium by numerous
individuals and companies.  It is intended to be used with the
core X software, but is not developed or maintained by MIT.

The contrib software takes up approximately 140 megabytes of
storage.  A brief walk-through of the software packages included
is in the file contrib/ on the contrib tape.

Sites that have network file transfer ability can retrieve both
the contrib and core release from the network location nearest
them (listed below).  If you are unable to retrieve the release
from the network, or if you want to obtain printed copies of the
documentation, the MIT Software Center provides sets of tapes
and documentation.  Tapes are available in 6250bpi reel-to-reel
and QIC-24 cartridge formats.  Write to

Software Center
Technology Licensing Office
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
28 Carleton Street, Room E32-300
Cambridge MA 02142-1324

phone: 617-258-8330

			  North America anonymous FTP:

Location	Address				Directory
--------	-------				---------

California		pub/X11/R5
California		pub/X11R5
Indiana		pub/X11/R5
Maryland			pub/X11R5
		(good for MILNET sites)
Massachusetts			pub/X11/R5
Massachusetts		pub/R5
		( is better)
Michigan			pub/X11R5
Missouri		packages/X11R5
Montana		pub/X.V11R5
New Mexico		pub/dist/X11R5
New York		pub/X11R5
North Carolina			dist/sources/X11R5
Ohio		pub/X.V11R5
Ontario		pub/X11R5
Washington DC			X/R5
Washington DC			X/R5

		   Europe/Middle East/Australia anonymous FTP:

Australia			X.V11/R5
Denmark			pub/X11R5
England		graphics/X.V11R5
Finland			pub/X11/R5
France			X/X11R5
Germany	pub/X11R5
Israel			pub/X11R5
Italy		pub/X11R5
		(not online until ~ 7 Sept)
Netherlands			windows/X/R5
Norway			pub/X11R5
Norway				pub/X11R5
Switzerland			software/X11R5

			 Japan anonymous FTP:

Kanagawa			X11R5
Kwansai		X11R5
Kyushu		X11R5
Tokyo		X11R5
Tokyo		pub/X11R5


uunet		for UUNET customers		~/X/R5

decwrl		existing neighbors only		~/pub/X11/R5
osu-cis						~/X.V11R5

WJanon		(host:	~/X/X11R5/
		Modem: Telebit TB2500 (PEP, V.32, etc)
		Systems or L.sys suggested/approximate entry:
		    WJanon Any ACU 19200 1-408-435-0240 "" \r login: WJanon

utai		existing neighbors only		~/ftp/pub/X11R5

hp4nl		Netherlands only		~uucp/pub/windows/X/R5


Missouri		/archive/packages/X11R5			mount point: /archive


Pennsylvania	/afs/

		     NIFTP (hhcp, cpf, fcp, ...):

England		<X.V11R5>
		user "guest"

			      anon FTAM:

England		000005102000 (Janet)		X.V11R5 (Internet)
		204334504108 (IXI)


Australia	munnari.oz (fetchfile)		X.V11/R5
		Please fetch only one file
		at a time, after checking
		that a copy is not available
		at a closer site.

The MIT X Consortium, part of the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT,
furthers the development of the X Window System and promotes cooperation
within the computer industry in the creation of standard software
interfaces at all layers in the X Window System environment.

X Window System is a trademark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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