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Path: sparky!uunet!mcsun!!funic!harper
From: (Rob Harper)
Subject: The mother of all FTP sites.
Summary: who is using what
Message-ID: <>
Date: 1 Jan 92 16:34:43 GMT
Organization: Finnish University and Research Network (FUNET)
Lines: 54

Last year I opened a PR campaign which advertised as the
"Number 1 ftp site in the galaxy". Well it looks like the hype has been
translated into reality. A lot of people ask me what is the turnover
of files at NIC, so I decide to give the statistics for the first day of 
the new year. There has been a steady increase in the number of logins per
day. It has risen from about 300 logins per day to over 1600, and the
download traffic has risen from about 150 MB to nearly 700 MB per day.
The upload traffic is minimal,and this is an area that needs to be worked on.

The heaviest users are the Finns themselves... well if you have a goldmine
then it is good that you mine it. The next heavy users are .edu and .com
from the USA, and there is a general tendency for the nordic countries to
be near the top of the users list.

So what is the point of all this trumpet blowing? It is just to wish everyone
every success for the coming year. 

Rob "Let's do it better this year" Harper

***************** YES MILO... MAKE THAT A DOUBLE *****************
	 Analysis statistics of FTPD usage of NIC.FUNET.FI
                Run date: Wed Jan 1 03:00:03 EET 1992
      		  Data collected during previous day.

Total All: 		Logins: 1628 
IN: 2 files  0.189 MB  OUT: 6784 files 648.865 MB Dirs: 13820   24.217 MB
Total Finnish: 		Logins: 501 
IN: 1 files  0.011 MB  OUT: 2135 files 263.868 MB Dirs: 4800   10.138 MB
Total Foreign: 		Logins: 1127 
IN: 1 files  0.178 MB  OUT: 4649 files 384.997 MB Dirs: 9020   14.079 MB

			 FTPD user (top domain) analysis
Total:       6784 files,     648.9 MB, Dirs:    13820,      24.2 MB
Foreign:     4649 files,     385.0 MB, Dirs:     9020,      14.1 MB
  Volume MB      Files  Top domain         Share  Cumulative
    276.199       2213  fi                42.57%  42.57%
    176.154       2254  edu               27.15%  69.71%
     34.222        319  com                5.27%  74.99%
     22.514        316  se                 3.47%  78.46%
     19.918        164  dk                 3.07%  81.53%
     17.734        174  de                 2.73%  84.26%
     16.732        208  ca                 2.58%  86.84%
     13.276        145  gov                2.05%  88.89%
     10.628         74  uk                 1.64%  90.52%
      9.088         95  org                1.40%  91.92%
      8.499         90  il                 1.31%  93.23%
      8.125        112  at                 1.25%  94.49%
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% End of statistics %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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