Dell To Factory-Install And Support SCO Unix

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 20, 1992 -- PRNewswire -- In a move to satisfy customer demand for advanced operating systems, Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: DELL) today announced that it will offer The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 operating system factory-installed on its 386- and 486-based personal computers. SCO UNIX will be backed by Dell's comprehensive support and service program and will be available through the company's operations in the United States, Europe and Canada.

"We are pleased to add SCO UNIX to our operating system offerings because it will help us better meet the needs of customers who have standardized on SCO UNIX," said Charlie Sauer, Dell's vice president of technical strategy. The volume leader in the PC-based UNIX market, SCO UNIX System V/Release 3.2 is especially useful in business environments such as departmental office automation and in industry-specific multiuser systems, including retail point-of-sale networks.

SCO UNIX V/386 Release 3.2 will be available factory-installed in March, with prices beginning at $1,295 for an unlimited-user version; Dell factory installation of the software is free of charge. Adding SCO UNIX to the wide range of platforms for which it offers installation and support services illustrates Dell's continued commitment to delivering easy-to-use and cost-effective computing solutions.

Dell will offer SCO UNIX V/386 Release 3.2 concurrently with its Dell UNIX System V Release 4 (SVR4). Dell's early 1989 entry into the UNIX market has allowed the company to produce several other successful UNIX products and to devise sophisticated systems for factory integration of advanced operating systems. The company has also developed an expert support team which provides direct technical assistance for Dell UNIX products; this team will provide support for customers using SCO UNIX on Dell systems. In addition, SCO will provide Dell's support team with technical training and with the premier level of SCO Engineering Services.

Establishing an alliance with SCO is one of a series of actions Dell has taken as part of its commitment to offer industry standards in advanced operating environments. As previously announced, Dell will also provide SunSoft's Solaris 2.0 distributed computing environment when it becomes available for 486 systems. Dell's partnership with SCO also allows the company to expand its reach in a burgeoning UNIX market.

Dell Computer Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, markets, services and supports a complete line of personal computers compatible with industry standards. Dell pioneered the direct marketing of personal computers in 1984 and was the first company in the PC industry to offer manufacturer-direct technical support.

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