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Path: sparky!uunet!spooky!witr
From: w...@rwwa.COM (Robert Withrow)
Subject: Mirroring of various OS projects?
Message-ID: <1992Mar16.164239.18972@rwwa.COM>
Organization: R.W. Withrow Associates
Distribution: us
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1992 16:42:39 GMT

Is UUNET mirroring the 386BSD code being discussed (ad nauseum) in the
comp.os.bsd group?  If not, could you please?

Also, is UUNET mirroring the MACH code?  A ls-lR I took late last week
shows you have version MK64 whereas MK71 or MK72 is current...  If
not, could you please?

(By mirror I guess I mean semi-automagical updating of your stuff to
track their stuff...)

Finally, I see your BSD4.3 NET 2 stuff is exploded into the component
pieces.  Do you have a (perhaps split) tar.Z form?

 Robert Withrow, R.W. Withrow Associates, Swampscott MA 01907 USA
 Tel: +1 617 598 4480, Fax: +1 617 598 4430, Net: w...@rwwa.COM

Path: sparky!uunet!uunet!revell
From: (James R Revell Jr)
Subject: Re: Mirroring of various OS projects?
Message-ID: <>
Sender: (UseNet News)
Reply-To: (James R Revell Jr)
Organization: UUNET Technologies Inc, Falls Church, VA
References: <1992Mar16.164239.18972@rwwa.COM>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1992 22:36:58 GMT

In article <1992Mar16.164239.18...@rwwa.COM> w...@rwwa.COM (Robert Withrow) writes:
} Is UUNET mirroring the 386BSD code being discussed (ad nauseum) in the
} comp.os.bsd group?  If not, could you please?

Yes and no.  I specifically did not mirror the 0.0old version of the
386BSD code which was announced late last week.  If you saw the
announcement then you noticed the fact that a new version would be
available soon (in fact, it came out today) and they recommended that
people wait for it.

I have already configured mirroring of the 386BSD code within
uunet!~/pub/OS/386BSD (the 0.0new subdir actually)

I'm mirroring since there is no hope whatsoever of
connecting to  gatekeeper doesn't yet have the
new version, but they should tonight sometime.  I'll make sure we have
it by tommorow afternoon

} Also, is UUNET mirroring the MACH code?  A ls-lR I took late last week
} shows you have version MK64 whereas MK71 or MK72 is current...

No, mk64 is still the most current available from the CMU mach archive.
There are some newer files than what we had though, including the
default.tar.Z and default.mk64.tar.Z (now available as split files).

I WAS mirroring the mach stuff, but had to stop right around the beginning
of the year because of problems obtaining listings from the CMU mach archive.
Bad listings were being returned and we were deleting files, which should
have remained, as a result.

Testing now, it appears that we can once again mirror the mach stuff.  I
will leave that mirror active and watch for problems with it.

} Finally, I see your BSD4.3 NET 2 stuff is exploded into the component
} pieces.  Do you have a (perhaps split) tar.Z form?

No.  The bsd-sources directory is 39 MB already (all compressed).  We can
*either* keep split tar.Z files *or* keep the components.  Unless someone
would like to give us some more disk :-)
James Revell   sr uunet postmaster   <>   /8^{~

Newsgroups: misc.test
Path: sparky!uunet!!spdcc!!ispd-newsserver!jmoore
From: The Software Warehouse, (x3HELP),
Subject: Software Only changes on UUNET archive for week ending Mar_2_92
Message-ID: <>
X-Comment-01: This posting is generated automatically. Please
X-Comment-02: report any errors or problems to Jim Moore. He can
X-Comment-03: be reached at
Originator: jmoore@fricka
Organization: The Software Warehouse, Software Core Platform Center, 
Eastman Kodak Co.
Distribution: ek
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 13:27:36 GMT
Keyword: Weekly Software Only changes to UUNET archive Mar_2_92
Lines: 193

What follows is a list of the weekly updates to the UUNET archive 
administerd by the Usenix organization.  Their weekly changes list
has been reduced through a special perl script which separates out
filesystems which do not generally contain things of interest, or
filesystems whose security is non-existant (like tmp) or questionable.
Also an attempt has been made to separate the listing of files by
interest groups.

All that is available is the filenames.  You have to know what you are
looking for.  (Actually, these lists are most useful for checking 
when new versions of something that you already have come out).

Anything on the list can be obtained as a request through The Software
Warehouse, if you don't have internet access.

If you do have internet access, feel free to pull it in yourself.  
Please notify Jim Moore ( if you are seriously
considering putting up something obtained from UUNET (actually
Jim coordinates freely redistributable / public domain software for
The Software Warehouse, and may be able to put you in touch with 
someone else working on the same software. Jim may also be able
to tell you if there is something with similar functionality already
in The Software Warehouse.  Lastly, if it is something that is good,
we will work with you to get it submitted to The Warehouse (It is 
a lot easier than it used to be.)

As a matter of information.  When you pull something in, please create
a "EK_SOURCES" file in the directory that records the name of the
package pulled in, who pulled it in, and when it was pulled in.  If
you can, also include the date and size of the file on the archive.
The Software Warehouse always includes that information in the "WH_Notes"
files that they generate.

Also if configuration is required, and you must edit files to build
the application, please use the csh alias eddist (included immediately
following).  Eddist takes a single filename argument, and moves the
one received in the distribution to the filename-dist, and then make
a copy of the distribution back to the original file name, for editing"

alias eddist 'set filename="\!*"; mv $filename ${filename}-dist ; 
cp ${filename}-dist $filename'

Thank you for your patronage.

			The staff at The Software Warehouse (EIPC)

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- - James H. Moore, The Software Warehouse, Eastman Kodak Co. 726-0322  -
- -  May your Easter be filled with communion and fellowship with Jesus - -

Path: sparky!uunet!uunet!not-for-mail
From: rev...@ghidra.UU.NET (James R Revell Jr)
Newsgroups: uunet.status
Subject: Archive down for system maintenance
Date: 2 Jul 1992 22:35:24 -0400
Organization: UUNET Technologies Inc, Falls Church, VA
Lines: 15
Message-ID: <130edcINNno@ghidra.UU.NET>
Reply-To: (James R Revell Jr)

A large section of UUNET's archive will be unavailable on Monday July 6
while we replace a bad disk.  From approximately 3 PM until 10 PM on
that day everything within the top level "packages" directory (AKA:
uunet!~/packages) will be offline.

This includes 700 MB of the most popular software such as the BSD Net/2,
GNU, X11, TeX, and 386BSD sources, as well as our InterViews, NCSA_Telnet,
NeWS, athena, faces, isode, linux, mach, and neuroprose archives.  Links
from other areas of our archive related to these subjecys will also be

Any attempts to transfer files from this portion of our archive during
that period will fail immediately.
James Revell	Network Services Mgr   <>   /8^{~

Path: sparky!uunet!!wupost!!caen!umeecs!!!!shamash!!ldh
From: (Lawrence D. Hare)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.programmer
Subject: Public Domain FTP Source based on BSD Sockets
Message-ID: <>
Date: 29 Jul 92 00:38:12 GMT
Organization: Control Data Systems
Lines: 6
X-UserAgent: Nuntius v1.1.1d1

Does anyone know whether there exists public domain source code for FTP
based on the BSD Socket Interface? Likewise for Telnet?
Lawrence D. Hare       Control Data - Silicon Valley Operations
Consultant             Voice: (408) 496 4339 - C/N [234] 4339        Mail: SVLa60  FAX: (408) 496-4106

Newsgroups: comp.unix.programmer
Path: sparky!uunet!!ufo!dnoble
From: (David Noble)
Subject: Re: Public Domain FTP Source based on BSD Sockets
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)
References: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1992 17:15:44 GMT
Lines: 23

In article <> (Lawrence D. Hare) writes:
>Does anyone know whether there exists public domain source code for FTP
>based on the BSD Socket Interface? Likewise for Telnet?

There is a ton of stuff like this at [] under the
/packages/bsd-sources directory. The two subdirectories you want are:

You might also want to look at the RFCs that document the FTP and Telnet
protocols. They are located in the directroy

I think RFC #854 is the one that defines the simplest layer of Telnet, but
I don't know off the top of my head which RFC deals with FTP. I guess that's
why there's an index in the rfc directory :-) Happy hunting...

David Noble		    - RPI Computer & Systems Eng, class of '92 and 1/2	    - JPL Section 367 System Integration & Testing         - Virtual Environment Group, RDRC/RPI

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