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Subject: SVNet Meeting: May 13, 1992:  386BSD, a guided tour by Bill Jolitz
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Date: 28 Apr 92 15:19:36 GMT
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 SVNet Meeting - Wednesday, May 13, 1992
               ||                                         ||
               ||                                         ||
               ||               386BSD !                  ||
               ||                                         ||
               ||            the guided tour              ||
               ||                                         ||

Topic:  A Tour through the 386BSD Operating System Kernel

      A "guided" tour through 386BSD will be presented, detailing the major
      functional subsystems (virtual memory, filesystem, interprocess
      communication, process control, exception handling and system calls)
      of the kernel. Those deeply interested may wish to bring their PC
      with 386BSD source to look on during the talk. As this is only a
      short talk, the structure and highlights of design will be the prime
      objective, with driver and operational considerations the secondary

Who:   William Jolitz, TeleMuse

         Mr.  Jolitz is currently a high-level technical and business
      consultant, focussing on computer systems and networking
      technologies.  He has held focus groups, product strategy meetings,
      seminars, techology review sessions, and other presentations
      worldwide.  Among his clients have been:  University of California,
      Pacific Bell, State of California Teal Data Center,  Honeywell-Bull
      Information  Systems, Hewlett Packard, Schlumberger, Tri-Gem, and
      various investment firms.  He maintains a continuing involvement in
      standards efforts, such as IETF, and is consistently in the public
      view with his popular magazine articles, new seminars, and other
      writings.  His focus during this portion of his career has been to
      assist firms in understanding how to apply the technology they
      possess more effectively, in areas of applications, performance, and
      management of resources.

      Mr. Jolitz is also responsible for the concept and development of
      386BSD, a version of Berkeley UNIX for the 386-based IBM PC. 386BSD
      is intended to be a "living example" of modern operating systems
      paradigms as expressed in Mr.  Jolitz's current article series and
      pending book.

      Mr. Jolitz attended the University of California, Berkeley.  While at
      the University, Mr.  Jolitz assisted other early UNIX developers,
      such as Bill Joy, to release 2 and 4 BSD.

When: WEDNESDAY, May 13, 7:30pm

      Apple Computer Auditorium
      10500 North De Anza Blvd
      (Southwest of 280 and De Anza Blvd, at Mariani Ave)

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Paul Fronberg (408) 246-1132

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