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From: (david.e.wexelblat)
Newsgroups: fj.mail-lists.x-window
Subject: Call for Beta-Testers for X386 1.2E (X11R5, enhanced)
Message-ID: <>
Date: 29 May 92 22:45:22 GMT
Sender: (The devil himself)
Distribution: fj
Organization: AT&T
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Date: 29 May 92 15:07:11 GMT
Message-Id: <>

We are currently looking for beta-testers for an enhanced X386 1.2 (X11R5)
(to be called X386 1.2E).  If you are interested in helping with this 
beta-test, and meet the following conditions, please send email to
one of the addresses in the 'Contacts' section below.

	1) Running Intel 3/486 Unix of some flavor
	2) Using an SVGA card currently supported by X386
	3) Have the disk space and experience to build X11R5 from scratch (*)
	4) Have access to anonymous FTP and Internet email
	5) Have the Unix/X/C experience to be a good beta-tester

(*) Only a limited binary distribution (SVR4) is available at this time; 
if you are short on disk space, but still want to get involved, send 
email, and we'll see if we can accomodate you.

What's Included:
	1) SpeedUp from Glenn Lai, for compatible hardware
	2) fX386 from Jim Tsillas, for when SpeedUp is not being used
	3) Support for newer VGA cards with clocks that the current X386
	   can't deal with.
	4) LOCALCONN for both SVR3 and SVR4

	plus a whole host of bugfixes and enhancements

What We're Looking For:
	Currently, we have tested with the following Unices:

		- ESIX SVR4.0.3
		- Microport SVR4 3.1 and 4.1
		- Interactive SVR3 2.2.0
	We currently have beta-testers with SVR4 from Dell and UHC.
	We are looking for additional SVR4 (AT&T, MST, Consensys), and
	SVR3 (any we can find) users who can help us ensure compatibilty.
	Users of other flavors (BSD/386, 386BSD, Linux, Mach) may
	volunteer, however, you will likely be asked to fix your own
	bugs, unless the server itself is the problem.  Please also note 
	that we may not accept all volunteers; we are looking for broad 
	coverage, not necessarily large numbers.

	We expect beta-testers to build X386 1.2E distribution (which is
	currently a large patch kit against the X11R5 PL12 base), to
	provide bug reports (and hopefully fixes :->), and to stress the
	system in their configuration.

	There will be an FTP archive and an email list for communication
	among the beta-testing community.  When you contact us initially,
	be sure to provide a sound email address.  

Who's Involved:
	David Dawes <>
	Glenn Lai <>
	Jim Tsillas <>
	David Wexelblat <>

What does SGCS have to say about all this (disclaimer):
	Thomas Roell and Mark Snitily have been consulted all throughout
	this effort, and have provided both technical and moral support,
	including allowing our use of the name 'X386 1.2E'.  It is the
	intention of all parties involved that this work will be merged
	with the SGCS contribution to MIT's X11R6, when that becomes
	a reality.

When will X386 1.2E be generally available:
	This has not yet been decided; it will depend on how the beta-test
	goes.  This enhanced server has been running on the systems mentioned
	above for a couple of months now.  More information will be posted
	when it is available.

	To volunteer, send email to David Wexelblat <>
	or David Dawes <>.  During the window of
	time from 6/9/92-6/22/92, I'll be in the process of moving (home, not
	job), and will be unavailble for several days at a time.  During 
	that interval, inquiries should be sent to David Dawes directly.

David Wexelblat             |  | I asked her her name.
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Middletown, NJ  07748       | (908) 957-5871        | --Damn Yankees

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