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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 92 18:01:32 EST
From: tytso@Athena.MIT.EDU (Theodore Ts'o)
To: kerberos@Athena.MIT.EDU

I am preparing a "final" Kerberos V4 release by MIT.  The primary new
features include:  enhancements to the kadmin server to enforce password
quality, a kadmind support and a new kamdind client to do remote srvtab
generation, and a lot of porting changes to make Kerberos V4 compile on
platforms such as the Sun, RS/6000, sgi, irix, and the HP.  Since I am
not in a position to test all of the porting changes, I am looking for a
few prerelease testers to try it out and let me know of any problems.

If you are interested, please send mail to me.  The pre-release will go
out on Friday, and I'd like the pre-release testers to try it and get
back to me within a week.  If you don't have time to look at it right
away, then just wait, since the final version will be coming out a week
from now anyway (i.e., the week after the IETF meeting).  I am
especially interested in people who have access to the above platforms
and who are willing to try compiling Kerberos V4 on them.

This release will represent the final Kerberos V4 release that we expect
to do at MIT.  Its main motiviation is the fact that several parties
have obtained copies of our internal source tree, which has several new
features and supports additional platforms that are not in the publicly
released V4 distribution.  Thus, we are making a final release so that
everybody can have equal access to our code.

We are not planning on doing any further Kerberos V4 work at this time;
our future development efforts will be based off of Kerberos V5, not V4.

							- Ted

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