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Path: sparky!uunet!!taco!rock!concert!gatech!!!!mimsy!ra!!eric
From: (Eric Youngdale)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.pc-clone.32bit
Subject: Postscript printer under Dell SVr4 2.2.
Message-ID: <>
Date: 12 Feb 93 20:52:35 GMT
Organization: Naval Research Laboratory
Lines: 35

	I am looking for a little bit of assistance.  I am trying to set up a
postscript printer on a Dell SVr4 system, release 2.2, and I am nearly there.
I have it on the second serial port, and I am using the queue "ps" that was on
the system Dell distributed.  I have done the "lpadmin -p ps -T PS -v
/dev/tty01h", as described in the manual, and I have enabled and "accept"ed the

	The problem is that when I queue something to be printed, the light
starts to blink on the printer (an HP LJ4), indicating something going through.
I can do stty < /dev/tty01h, and this shows that the baud rate is 9600, and the
printer does not show any errors on the status panel.  The problem is that the
printer sits there and blinks, and blinks....  Sometimes, after about 1/2 hour,
it actually prints something, either a banner page, or even the document

	I can shut down the queue with the disable command, and kill the postio
process to reset the thing.  I can then go to a local directory and type:

/usr/lib/lp/postscript/postio -l /dev/tty01h

where the file is a simple postscript file, and it prints in a matter of
about 10 seconds.

	When I try to print a simple postscript file using lp, I specify -T PS,
so that there should not be any filters involved.  There is in fact a postio
process that fires up (and I did notice two defunct zombie processes that
belong to it - no clue what they were before they died).

	Does anyone have any suggestions about what the problem is and what I
need to do?



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