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Subject: Univel Sets New Price Standard
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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1993 20:26:51 GMT
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Move Aimed at Accelerating the Growth of Client-Server Computing

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SAN JOSE, California-- March 15, 1993-- Univel, a partnership
between Novell, Inc. and UNIX System Laboratories, Inc., today
significantly lowered prices for the desktop and application server
versions of UnixWare, taking away one of the few remaining
constraints to the rapid market adoption of the UNIX system as a
client-server solution on Intel-based computers.

The UnixWare price reductions are designed to meet customer needs
for next generation 32-bit operating  system technology that takes
advantage of the processing power available from the millions of
advanced Intel-based computers shipping each month.  UnixWare
enables customers to deploy the thousands of UNIX applications
already running on workstations, mid-range and mainframe computers
on industry standard Intel computers.  In addition, UnixWare
provides the scalability and integration with network services to
meet the needs of enterprise computing.

At the same time, Univel also expanded capabilities of the UnixWare
Personal Edition to run DOS and MS Windows applications under UNIX. 
UnixWare is designed to support client-server computing solutions
by supporting both the high-end UNIX applications base as well as
the PC spawned DOS and MS Windows applications community.

The UnixWare Personal Edition, for desktop users is reduced 50% to
$249.00 from $495.00 (US).  The UnixWare Application Server, an
ideal solution for downsizing applications in a client-server
environment, is reduced 48% to $1299.00 from $2495.00 (US).  The
Software Development Kit is reduced 40% to $599.00 from $995.00

"Our customers are asking for an affordable and easy-to-use
advanced operating system that takes advantage of the desktop
computers across their organization." said Joel A. Appelbaum,
Univel president and CEO.  "We believe that by reducing the prices
on UnixWare we have removed the cost barrier to customer
implementation of stable 32-bit operating system technology for
desktop computers.  Our objective is to accelerate the development
and deployment of client/server applications that can grow the UNIX
and network computing markets dramatically."

The previous implementation of UnixWare supported DOS applications. 
The incorporation of the MS Windows Merge capabilities permits
UnixWare to support MS Windows 3.0 and 3.1 applications under 
UNIX.  This ensures that all of a users' desktop applications will
run on UnixWare.  Previously the MS Windows capability was an
add-on product priced at $395, with the announcement today it is
being included with the UnixWare Personal Edition at no extra

The UnixWare Personal Edition and UnixWare Application Server for
Intel-based computers began shipping in December 1992.  UnixWare
products are sold through computer product distributors, system 
integrators and value added resellers worldwide.

Univel, founded in December of 1991, is a joint venture of Novell,
Inc. and UNIX System Laboratories, Inc.  The company is chartered
with growing the UNIX system and network computing market by
providing open system software solutions for distributed
enterprise-wide computing.  Univel's UnixWare  family of products
incorporate the most powerful, user-friendly, graphical UNIX SVR4.2
operating system available today while providing seamless
integration to NetWare.  Univel, headquartered in San Jose, is
located at 2180 Fortune Drive, San Jose,  CA  95131.  Telephone:
408/729-2300.  Fax:  408/729-2310.

Univel and UnixWare are trademarks of Univel.  
UNIX is a registered trademark of UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. 
NetWare is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc. 
All other company, brand, and product names are registered
trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.

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March 7, 2003 - The SCO Group filed legal action against IBM in the State 
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