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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 93 00:27:26 -0400
From: Theodore Ts'o <tytso@Athena.MIT.EDU>
To: kerberos@Athena.MIT.EDU

The Kerberos V5 beta 3 distribution had originally been planned for
release at the end of April.  However, I regret to report that it has
been delayed.  Some high priority items came up in the past couple of
weeks, which has diverted too much of my time and energies for me to
finish the necessary work which I wanted to see done before releasing
the next Beta distribution.  And, I am leaving to go on vacation for
three weeks starting tomorrow.  So the Beta 3 distribution will probably
not be released until sometime in June.

I apologize in advance to those for whom this announcement comes as an
inconvenience.  However, for those people who want to take a look at how
the code is shaping up, I have prepared a Beta-3 prelease distribution.
ONLY.  It will not compile out of the box on all platforms; and very
little testing has been done.  Furthermore, not all bug fixes which have
been reported to me have been fixed in this release yet.  However, I
hope that it proves useful to at least a few poeple.

It can be found on, in /pub/kerberos/dist/930429.
The file KRB-CRED-patches.tar.Z contains patches to krb5-pb3.tar.Z to
reflect a recent change to the new KRB-CRED message format.  I didn't
have time to integrate it, and so you will have to do it yourself.

New features offered in this prelease include:

	* A new version of telnet which supports V5 kerberos, including
		credentials forwarding.

	* A new version Berkeley rlogin/rsh/rcp which supports V5
		Kerberos.  The servers are V4 backwards compatible, and
		will accept requests from old V4 clients.

	* This release has unifdef, ss, and et folded into the release,
		to make it easier to build it.  ss and et have been
		modified so that Kerberos V5 no longer has a dependency
		on flex/lex/yacc/bison.

	* Many, many bug fixes.

Good luck!  I will see you all when I get back form Hong Kong three
weeks hence.

						- Ted

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