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From: rmk@coney (Rick Kelly)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.pc-clone.32bit
Subject: What did SCO send me?
Date: 15 Jun 1993 17:16:01 GMT
Organization: Progress Software Corp.
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I just received several software packages from SCO, both of which
are purported to be SCO OPEN SERVER systems.

The first says:

netos	SA103-UX75-3.0.0
SCO OPEN Server Network System	512 user

The second says:

odtps	SA104-UX75-3.0.0
SCO OPEN Server Enterprise System  512 user

Does anybody have a clue as to what the differences are?

Thanks in advance.
Rick Kelly				Work:
Unix System Administrator		Home:
(617)280-4946	Progress Software Corporation	Bedford, MA

From: j...@sco.COM (Jim Sullivan)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.pc-clone.32bit
Subject: Re: What did SCO send me?
Message-ID: <1993Jun17.191755.29416@sco.COM>
Date: 17 Jun 93 19:17:55 GMT
References: <1vl04h$>
Sender: n...@sco.COM (News administration)
Organization: SCO Canada, Inc.
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rmk@coney (Rick Kelly) writes:
>I just received several software packages from SCO, both of which
>are purported to be SCO OPEN SERVER systems.

With Release 3.0, SCO differentiated their product line into Desktop
products (under the Open Desktop banner) and Server Products (under the
Open Server banner).

Within the Open Desktop product line there are two products,
Open Desktop Lite and Open Desktop

Within the Open Server product line there are three products,
SCO UNIX, Network System and Enterprise System

Components in these products are:

Open Desktop Lite (OS, Graphical Environment (X11R5, Motif, X.Desktop), TCP/IP)
Open Desktop (OS, Graphical Environment, TCP/IP, NFS, Lan Manager Client,
DOS Merge (with MS/Windows 3.1 support))

Network System (OS, TCP/IP, NFS, IPX/SPX)
Enterprise System (OS, Graphical Environment, TCP/IP, NFS, IPX/SPX, Lan Manager
Client, PC-Interface, DOS Merge)

so, you have a:
>SCO OPEN Server Network System	512 user

and a:
>SCO OPEN Server Enterprise System  512 user
Jim Sullivan				
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