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Newsgroups: comp.unix.solaris,comp.sys.sun.admin
From: (Paul Eggert)
Subject: warning: Solaris 2.x time zone bugs (esp. Britain, Israel, S. Korea)
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Organization: Twin Sun Inc, El Segundo, CA, USA
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1993 16:47:49 GMT
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Solaris 2.x introduced several bugs in its time zone handling.  These
bugs are particularly important if you're in Britain, Israel, or South
Korea.  Solaris 2.x clocks will be off by an hour in Israel starting on
August 28, 1993; in Britain, they will be wrong starting on October 24,
1993.  The South Korean time zone data omits daylight savings entirely.
There are lesser problems in Australia, Brazil, and Chile.

Most of these bugs were introduced because Solaris 2.x mistakenly
reverted to an old version of Arthur David Olson's public-domain
timezone code.  Bugs that were fixed as long ago as 1989 in Olson's code
still remain in Solaris 2.2.

You can work around the bugs by switching to Olson's latest version
(which you can FTP from in pub/tz*).  Most of the bugs
can be fixed merely by zic'ing the corrected time conversion information
files, but a few of them (e.g. Brazil) will require that you use Olson's
zic instead of Sun's.  Or if you prefer a fix from Sun, you can contact
them and ask about bug#1135073.  I don't think they have an official fix
ready yet, though.