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Subject: PR-Compaq and Novell Join Force
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Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 17:47:35 GMT
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Compaq and Novell Join Forces to Advance, Simplify Enterprise Networking

"Enterprise Computing Partnership" to Redefine Customer Ease-of-Ownership 

and Network Integration

HOUSTON, Sept. 21, 1993 -- In an innovative move to redefine 
"ease-of-ownership,"  Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ) and Novell, 
Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVL) have signed a formal agreement to make it easier for 
customers to migrate business-critical applications to PC servers, 
simplify the operation and maintenance of networks, and speed the 
development and availability of NetWare for Compaq multiprocessing (MP) 

The agreement, called the Enterprise Computing Partnership, defines a 
broad set of coordinated activities including the implementation of joint 

marketing and sales programs, the design of integrated hardware and 
software platforms, the development of industry-wide network testing 
standards and procedures, and extensive support and service programs.

"This partnership represents a shared vision and commitment between 
Compaq and Novell to make enterprise networking easier for our 
customers," said Raymond J. Noorda, President and Chief Executive Officer 
of Novell.  
"Through Novell's existing partnership with Compaq, we've addressed some 
of our customers' needs for better network management and easier, more 
reliable server installation.

Our new partnership lets us expand those efforts, allowing us to provide 
the direction, the products, and the support that our enterprise 
customers require." 

"We know that networking applications are mission critical for our 
customers -- 70 percent of our customers have told us so.  At the same 
time, our customers tell us that  the costs associated with the operation 
and management of those server environments are substantial -- as high as 
85 percent, " said Eckhard Pfeiffer,  President and Chief Executive 
Officer, Compaq Computer Corporation.  "This agreement addresses our 
customers' critical ease-of-ownership issues by going beyond the 
framework of traditional inter-company relationships."

"Compaq and Novell are deeply committed to solving these problems and are 
allocating significant people and dollar resources in order to cross 
train our sales forces.  Knowledgeable sales teams will be able to 
jointly recommend dependable and proven enterprise-wide solutions based 
on Compaq/Novell platforms, " added Pfeiffer.

Compaq servers command a 28 percent marketshare in the dealer channel 
year-to-date, through the first seven months of 1993, according to 
Storeboard.  In addition,  61 percent of  network nodes worldwide run 
under Novell NetWare, according to IDC.

"This partnership not only legitimizes this platform, but will also serve 

to strengthen our shared leadership in this market," added Pfeiffer.

Key Cooperative Areas

As a result of the Enterprise Computing Partnership, the following key 
areas will be addressed: Simplified Selection, Installation and Operation 
of PC Networks

  _  Both partners will work together to simplify and expedite the 
selection of networks for their mutual customers by sharing technical 
support information, coordinating pre-sales activities, conducting joint 
seminars, and making joint presentations and recommendations.  The 
companies will 
work together to develop, integrate and test Compaq/Novell platforms 
on industry standards.  This will enable customers to implement 
enterprise-wide solutions and satisfy their requirements more quickly and 

  _  Work is in progress, and will continue, to simplify and increase the 
reliability of network management through enhancements to Compaq Insight 

  _  In addition, the companies are working on more reliable and 
optimized ways to install NetWare. Using Compaq SmartStart -- an 
intelligent CD-ROM based installation process -- will make server 
installation easier and 
lower overall operational costs in network environments.

New Product Development and Optimization

  _  The partners will develop a fully integrated NetWare operating 
to run on multiprocessing (MP) Compaq systems that provides levels of 
performance not previously supported by NetWare- only environments, 
enabling customers to migrate more advanced business critical 
applications. This product is scheduled for demonstration by the end of 
the year and is expected to be available second half of 1994.

  _  Compaq and Novell will co-develop integrated hardware and software 
solutions to address emerging customer needs in downsizing and 
departmental and branch office computing, and applications.  These 
application platforms will consist of optimized and integrated Compaq 
servers, NetWare, and database and groupware applications for customers 
to develop or run advanced software in departmental or workgroup 

  _  Together Compaq and Novell will offer other fully optimized and 
integrated software, such as UnixWare, which addresses a broader range of 
enterprise-wide computing requirements and supports robust UNIX-based 
applications in NetWare environments.

Expanded Resources

  _  Compaq and Novell will expand dedicated resources to manage and 
implement all activities of the Partnership, including pre-certification 
of integrated platforms and field sales cross- training.  Joint sales 
training is planned for the 4th quarter of this year.

Company Backgrounds

Compaq Computer Corporation is a world leader in the manufacture of 
servers, desktop, portable, and notebook personal computers, and network 
laser printers.  Founded in 1982, the Company reported 1992 worldwide 
revenues of $4.1 billion. COMPAQ products are sold and supported in more 
than 100 countries through a network of more than 14,500 Compaq marketing 
partners. Compaq also sells directly to customers through COMPAQ 
DirectPlus at 1-800-888-5858.

Compaq offers a broad range of service and support programs, including 
free technical support through the Customer Support Center, product 
warranties, and product information on CD-ROM.  Taking a leadership role 
in protecting the environment, Compaq has eliminated CFCs from its 
worldwide manufacturing operations and undertakes ongoing environmental 
programs, including energy efficiency, recycling, design for environment, 
waste reduction and environmental auditing.

Novell, Inc. is the computer networking company, developer of network 
services, and specialized and general purpose operating system products 
including NetWare, UnixWare and Novell DOS.  Novell's NetWare network 
computing products manage and control the sharing of services, data and 
applications among computer workgroups, departmental networks and across 
enterprise-wide information systems.


Compaq, Systempro, Deskpro Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  
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trademarks of Compaq Computer Corporation.  Direct Plus is a service mark 
of Compaq Computer Corporation.  Product names mentioned herein may be 
trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 
Pentium ™ is a trademark of Intel Corporation.  Novell and NetWare are 
registered trademarks of Novell, Inc.

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