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Subject: PR-Unified UNIX Operating Syste
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Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 17:48:03 GMT
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Novell Moves to Mainstream Unified UNIX Operating System Standardizing 
Source Code on UnixWare

NetWare and UnixWare Matched as System Components for Rightsizing 
September 21, 1993, NEW YORK  -- Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVL) today 
detailed moves 
it is taking to bring PC market economies to the UNIX system marketplace 
in response to rapidly changing customer needs for rightsized business 
computing systems.  Novell intends to expand the established UNIX systems 
market by enabling computer users in large organizations to rely on a 
unified UNIX standard for integrating advanced applications and services 
with the desktop systems they already use.

Novell is accelerating integration between the UNIX system and its 
NetWare network computing software.  This is being done with UnixWare, 
own UNIX system product, but it is also being incorporated in the UNIX 
system source code available under license from Novell to other computer 
industry vendors.  Current releases of UnixWare already provide for 
common file system and communications services that extend from the 
NetWare environment.  

Follow-on product releases in 1994, will provide common network 
management, common system directories, and other features to enable 
NetWare and Unix system offerings to be seamlessly integrated matched 
system software components.

In a significant change from past UNIX system source code licensing 
practices, beginning in the fourth quarter of 1993, UNIX source code from 
Novell will be provided as a complete ready-to-ship product identical to 
Novell's UnixWare.  Original equipment manufacturer partners will not be 
required, as they were before, to make redundant R&D investments and 
spend valuable engineering resources to create finished UNIX system 

Customers are driving the industry toward a fully unified UNIX system as 
a single open standard, based on one specification.  Novell is acting as 
a catalyst to help bring this about, and momentum is building to reach 
this objective with the early September agreement between the X/Open 
standards group, the UNIX system community and  Novell on a comprehensive 

specification to enable applications to be portable between UNIX-based 
operating systems.  UnixWare, and source code from Novell for UNIX 
systems, will be 100 percent compatible with the X/Open standards. 

"Novell bought the UNIX system to lead the industry in unifying it, while 
increasing its openness and strengthening its value to customers through 
volume distribution," said Raymond J. Noorda president, chairman and 
chief executive officer of Novell.  "Our business objective is to extend 
value of the UNIX system to the tens of millions of industry standard 
computers shipped with Intel processors."

Extending the success of the UNIX system through high-volume distribution 
will broaden its market foundation.  Customers will benefit from 
increasing multi-vendor computer choices and corresponding growth in the 
of commercial applications that take advantage of the capabilities of the 
advanced 32-bit UNIX operating system. 

Novell's strategy is to provide core system software components to 
support rightsizing.  Rightsizing is redefining the IT industry as 
optimize the cost and performance of their IT systems through 
multi-vendor solutions.  Increasingly, customers are relying on UNIX 
system solutions in moving applications from larger systems to 
distributed network computing environments -  downsizing.  The UNIX 
system is already the primary 
platform for applications that run on mid-range and larger systems.  In 
addition, they are upsizing their desktop systems by relying on NetWare 
for delivering system services such as security and network management 
traditionally maintained by larger systems.

"With UnixWare alongside NetWare, Novell is at the convergence of change 
that is shaping the way customers re-deploy their IT systems as 
rightsized systems," said Kanwal S. Rekhi, executive vice president 
Technology and general manager UNIX Systems Group.  "Customers moving 
from customized large systems to industry standard hardware are rapidly 
transforming the IT industry into a component business.  Novell is 
delivering UnixWare, NetWare and families of associated products as 
matched systems components to deliver computer users the rightsizing 
platform of choice."

Since expanding its UNIX system effort with AT&T in 1991, Novell's 
UnixWare and NetWare product development directions have had a common 
objective of responding to the customer requirement for a single network 
computing environment that supports multi-vendor IT solutions. 

NetWare and UnixWare are both open standards available to vendors at 
every level of the computing industry as source code, and on a product 
license basis.  Through partnerships with other systems vendors, Novell 
intends to ensure the success of UnixWare on servers.  In addition to 
Novell providing UnixWare for computers using the Intel architecture, the 
company will work with industry partners to make UnixWare available on 
market leading RISC-based
processors.  Novell has already taken this step with its NetWare system 
software which will be available to run on the Hewlett Packard PA-RISC, 
Sun Microsystems SPARC, and Digital Equipment Alpha processors in 1994.

According to an InfoCorp study released in June 1993, more than 55 
million information system users worldwide already rely on UNIX-based 
operating systems.  UNIX systems are the primary delivery platform for 
applications from mid-range and larger systems.  NetWare provides the 
primary system software for computer networks with more than 35 million 
users connected to NetWare network computing environments.

In June 1993, Novell acquired UNIX Systems Laboratories from AT&T, and 
with it, ownership of UNIX system technology and the rights to the 
trademark UNIX.  Novell, Inc. is an information system software company, 
developer of network services, specialized and general purpose operating 
system products, and application programming tools.  Novell's NetWare, 
UnixWare and AppWare families of products provide matched system 
components for rightsized information systems within multi-vendor network 
computing environments.

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