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From: (Andy Cobley)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.ultrix
Subject: Etting time zones on Ultrix.
Date: 9 Nov 1993 16:09:25 GMT
Organization: Information Technology Services , Dundee University, Scotland, UK
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This may be a faq or maybe not our DEC systems seem to have
lost an hour in the last week or so, so the time is now an
hour behind.

What is the simplest way to remidy this, the only solutions
I ahve come with are as follows:

Set TIMEZONE using the config program (what is the correct TIMEZONE
    setting for scotland ?)
Set the time using the date command,

both of which involve bringing the machine down i believe.

What is the correct solution to this problem 
all help gratefully recieved


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From: (Peter Lister)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.ultrix
Subject: Re: Etting time zones on Ultrix.
Date: 10 Nov 1993 11:20:14 GMT
Organization: Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK
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Distribution: world
Message-ID: <2bqipe$>
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UK + Eire Ultrix users - DO NOT CHANGE YOUR SYSTEM TIME!!!! System time is 

When Ultrix installs, the time zone choices include "Western European Time", 
and by default this is what gets used. It's probably correct for our neighbours 
in the EC (EU?), buti f you're in the UK and Ireland, and hence subject to the 
very arbitrary daylight saving policy of Her Majesty's Government, then you need to

zic -l GB-Eire

and Ultrix will sort everything out for you. Do this ONCE per installation, NOT 
twice a year. All that happens is that the correct file describing daylight 
saving gets used by the date formatting routines, and adds the hour during summer. 
This doesn't affect system time, simply the way it's printed. The files are in 
/etc/zoneinfo (in the root partition as installed) but since our machines have 
a common /usr served by AFS, I have moved /etc/zoneinfo to /usr/etc/zoneinfo, 
and symlinked /etc/zoneinfo to /usr/

If, after this, your time is still wrong, *then* you need to synchronise with 
the rest of the world. Get xntp3, and use NTP to synchronise with the JANET NTP 
server (ntp[012] You can use Ultrix or AFS ntp, but they're several 
versions behind.

BTW, "GB-Eire" covers the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, 
but not explicitly Northern Ireland. I merely note the fact....

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Newsgroups: comp.unix.ultrix
From: (Paul Eggert)
Subject: Re: Etting time zones on Ultrix.
Message-ID: <>
Nntp-Posting-Host: spot
Organization: Twin Sun Inc, El Segundo, CA, USA
References: <2bofbl$> <2bqipe$>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1993 00:57:24 GMT
Lines: 14 (Peter Lister) writes:

>BTW, "GB-Eire" covers the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales,
>but not explicitly Northern Ireland. I merely note the fact....

This should not be a problem, unless one is dealing with times
before April 18, 1948 at 02:00 UTC, since Eire and the UK have agreed
about the clocks ever since then.  Northern Ireland and Great Britain
have kept their clocks synchronized ever since October 1, 1916 at 02:25 UTC.
For times that far back, the Ultrix tables are probably wrong anyway.
See Thomas G. Shanks, The international atlas (3rd edition), San
Diego:  ACS Publications, Inc. (1991).

Lister's article is right on the mark; `zic -l' is the way to go.

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