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Novell Announces UnixWare 1.1

Free Upgrade Offers Customers Additional Hardware Support, Tighter 
Integration with NetWare and Enhanced Customer Support Program

Overview:  As a part of its ongoing effort to provide customers with a 
proven, advanced UNIX operating system that is easy to use and seamlessly 
integrated with NetWare,  Novell today announced UnixWare 1.1.  In 
response to customer needs, this latest version of Novell's UNIX general 
purpose operating system is easier to manage, supports a broader range 
of hardware including additional low-cost CD-ROMs,  enables Windows 
applications (including those written for NetWare) to run on top of 
UnixWare, accesses NetWare services through NetWare 4.x servers, and 
comes with bundled TCP/IP support in both the Personal Edition and 
Server Versions.  In addition, UnixWare 1.1 has been improved to better 
support internationalization and localization with its European Language 
Supplement (ELS).  

A new customer support program offered with UnixWare 1.1 includes free 
installation advice by phone for the first thirty days and a telephone 
(800-486-4835) service thereafter where the customer is charged either by 

the minute or with a $50 per-inquiry fee.


Specific enhancements in UnixWare1.1 include:

  _  TCP/IP is now offered in the Personal Edition as well as the 
Advanced Server versions of UnixWare.  The new TCP/IP includes support 
for PPP, 
SLIP and SNMP allowing remote node dial-ins to look like native clients 
as well as the ability for network administrators to see both NetWare and 
UnixWare nodes on a single display.  With UnixWare 1.1, administrators 
can now seamlessly access all UNIX networks including the Internet and
     can manage the UnixWare system from a central site.  Inclusion of 
TCP/IP and the additional COSE compliance (see below) are further steps 
in Novell's commitment to help unify the UNIX market.

  _  Additional Hardware Support for Philips and Sony CD-ROMs, Adaptec 
and Future Domain SCSI adapters, 3Com and NE Ethernet adapter cards, 
source routing for IBM Token Ring,  video support for Compaq Q-Vision. 

  _  Online Data Manager, a file system with high availability and 
performance, offering sophisticated online file and disk management that 
is easy to administer with a graphical utility.

  _  Increased COSE Compliance with OSF/Motif 1.2 runtime libraries, 
enabling UnixWare to look and feel like  other UNIX system offerings, and 
reducing training time and costs.

  _  Advanced Merge for Windows is included in both the Personal Edition 
and Application Server and is installed by default.  With Advanced Merge, 
Microsoft Windows applications written for NetWare run on top of UnixWare 

and can connect into NetWare and its services as though these 
applications were running on Microsoft Windows -based PCs.  Tighter 
integration between NetWare and UnixWare provides customers with a 
powerful and unique rightsizing solution ideal for enterprise 
  _  Support for NetWare file and print services through NetWare 4.x and 
3.x name space.

Pricing and Availability:

UnixWare 1.1 will be available through Novell Gold, Platinum and UNIX 
Master resellers.  Registered users of UnixWare 1.0 and those who 
register prior to July , 1994 will receive the UnixWare 1.1 upgrade free 
of charge. 

For additional information call 1-800-638-9273 within the United States 
or 408-473-8995 for international inquiries. 

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