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From: c...@univel.COM (C. Cash Perkins)
Subject: UnixWare 1.1 upgrade information
Message-ID: <CI5KLz.Bp@Provo.Novell.COM>
Sender: use...@Provo.Novell.COM (USENET News)
Organization: Univel
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1993 00:13:11 GMT
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                Novell UNIX Systems Group Sales
                UnixWare 1.1 Upgrade Promotion

Promotion Details:
Customers who register UnixWare 1.0 products prior to June 1994 will
receive UnixWare 1.1 upgrades at no charge.

UnixWare 1.0 users who request FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish)
versions will first receive the US English UnixWare 1.1 product.  At the
FIGS release date, currently projected for mid-March 1994, FIGS requests
will automatically be fulfilled.

UnixWare Products Effected:
Personal Edition 1.0                   	 ->      Personal Edition 1.1
TCP/IP & NFS 1.0                       	 ->      NFS 1.1

        Note: TCP/IP now bundled in PE 1.1 and AS 1.1.  NFS remains an
        add on product for PE 1.1, but is bundled in AS 1.1

Application Server 1.0                 	 ->      Application Server 1.1
Software Development Kit(SDK)1.0 	 ->      SDK & Personal Utilities 1.1

New For AS 1.1 - UnixWare Online Data Manager 1.1
Online Data Manager 1.1 provides: Enhanced file system management
including online backup and recovery and defragmentation tools; A
software-based RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) solution for
additional file system tuning, disk mirroring, stripping and spanning
for enhanced performance; Graphical administration of the file system
for improved system management and performance.

Repackaged UnixWare Products:
The UnixWare Personal Utilities, MTF Development Tools and Driver
Development Tools are now bundled into the Software Development Kit
(SDK). The UnixWare Advanced Merge for Windows product is now bundled
into the UnixWare 1.1 versions of both Personal Edition and Application

Upward Compatible UnixWare Products:
Compatible with the UnixWare 1.1 release is the UnixWare C2 Auditing
product. A subsystem designed to help increase system security, UnixWare
C2 Auditing is an add on option for both the UnixWare Personal Edition
and Application Server.

Compatible only with the AS 1.1 release is UnixWare Server Merge for MS
Windows. This add on provides support for multi-user MS Windows based
applications (support for the System Console is bundled with the
Application Server).

Upgrade Procedure:
To upgrade, UnixWare customers need to call one of the following phone
numbers and be prepared to provide their rev. 1.0 product serial numbers
or proof of purchase.

Location  	Voice       	 FAX            Location   	Voice         	FAX
Austria   	0660-8443    	0660-8125       Norway     	050-11310     	050-11309
Belgium   	078-111062   	078-111061      Spain      	900-993170    	900-993169
Canada    	317-364-7276 	317-364-0787    Sweden     	020-795736    	020-795735
Denmark   	800-10930    	800-10545       Switz.     	155-1846      	155-1847
France    	05-905995    	05-905995       UK         	0800-960274  	0800-960273
Germany   	0130-812444  	0130-812443     US        	800-457-1767 	317-364-0787
Italy     	1678-8388    	1678-78398      All Others 	+31-55-434472 	+31-55-434435
* The UnixWare 1.1 Upgrade Promotion will run for six months.

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