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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 20:16:33 EST
From: tytso@MIT.EDU (Theodore Ts'o)
To: kerberos@MIT.EDU

At long last, I am very glad to announce the release of the Beta three
version of MIT's Kerberos V5 package.

The main emphasis of this beta release has been bug fixes from beta
two.  Many memory leaks have been plugged, thanks to the tireless
efforts of many of our beta-testers.

Newly featured in this release is a functional GSS-API implementation
donated by OpenVision Technologies.  Many thanks go to OpenVision for
this donation, especially Marc Horowitz, Barry Jaspan, Dan Geer, and
Nigel Turner.  (It should be noted that Digital has also donated a
GSS-API implementation; however, time pressures did not allow me to
integrate Digital's GSS-API implementation into the krb5 beta3 release
as well.  Both GSS-API implementation will be made publically
available, and will significantly help towards the standardization of
the GSS-API within the IETF standards context.  Thanks also to John
Wray at Digital.)

There are many others which should be recognized as well; I am sure
that I will miss some people's names, but here is an incomplete list
of the many hardy contributors: Jim Miller, from Suite Software, who
reported many bugs, and fixes for most of them; Steve Lunt, from Bell
Communications Research, for putting together a subset of ISODE; Glenn
Machin and Bill Rahe from Sandia National Labs, for many bugfixes and
patches; to Marc Horowitz and Barry Jaspan for some last-minute
pre-release testing; our tireless BETA testers, for exercising our
code; and many, many others.  Thanks a million!!!

In order to obtain the release, ftp to ATHENA-DIST.MIT.EDU, and cd to
/pub/kerberos.  Get the file README.KRB5_BETA3.  That file will
contain instructions for obtaining the rest of the Kerberos V5

The next release is scheduled for April, to coincide with the planned
release X11R6; X11R6 will support Kerberos authentication.  The focus
for the next release will again be bug fixes and stability, plus a
greater focus on making the building and installation procedures as
painless as possible.  

If you have been running Beta 2 and have made any improvements or bug
fixes that didn't make it into Beta 3, I'd really appreciate it if you
could send them in as soon as possible.  Patches should be either
context diffs ("diff -c") or unified diffs ("diff -u", if your diff
supports it) against Beta 3.

Please send any bugs to

						- Ted

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